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    February 22 - 24, 2019
    Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall A
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Abilities Expo presents a program of carefully selected free workshops to connect attendees with community experts. All sessions:

- Focus on a wide range of topics including travel, home access, therapies, research, and practical how-to content. 
- Are broad in nature with applicable content for people with many different types of disabilities.
- Are educational and objective. They are not intended to promote a specific product, resource, or service.

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  • Certificates of participation are available for all workshops. Please see the Accessibility Help Desk following each workshop for your certificate. (Please note there are no CEU approved courses at this year’s Abilities Expo).

* Dates and times of workshops are subject to change without notice. The opinions presented at the workshops are those of the presenters and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Abilities Expo. Workshop content should not be considered as a replacement or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, financial, medical or legal matters. We encourage you to seek the advice of professionals, as appropriate, regarding the evaluation of any specific information presented in these workshops.

California Telephone Assistive Technology Programs for the Deaf and Speech Impaired

Presented by: Andie Squires, Outreach Specialist, Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program; David Weiss, California Relay Service Department Manager, Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program; and Tyrone Chin, Senior Regulatory Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission, MBA

Location: Workshop


This workshop will provide an introduction to the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP), a state-mandated program of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that provides Californians who are deaf or have speech disabilities with specialized telephone equipment and relay services through the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) and the California Relay Service (CRS). Discover the specialized equipment and accessories that are available through CTAP for qualifying individuals with a speech disability. Attendees will also learn about relay services available through CRS that allow individuals with hearing and speech disabilities to make telephone calls with the assistance of a specially trained Communications Assistant. Finally, a CPUC representative will discuss the Speech Generating Device (SGD) program. Attendees will learn about the types of SGD equipment funded, the list of SGD vendors, funding qualification requirements, and the application process to receive funding.
Online: DDTP - http://ddtp.cpuc.ca.gov/; CPUC - http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/; SGD Program - http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/sgd/

Run, Hide, and Fight: Options for Surviving an Active Shooter

Presented by: Mona N. Curry, Training and Exercises Coordinator, Emergency Management Department, City of Los Angeles

Location: Workshop

Surviving an Active Shooter Situation

Active shooter situations are real and can happen anywhere, anytime. We all have different abilities to surviving an active shooter. This workshop will help you understand what your options can be for all abilities. There are no guarantees for anyone but know your options and have a chance to stay alive.

Learn more: http://www.caloes.ca.gov/Cal-OES-Divisions/Access-Functional-Needs

Dog Lovers: Learn How to Certify Your Pet As A Therapy Dog

Presented by: Richard Katz, Executive Director, K9 Ambassadors

Location: Workshops #1

Therapy Dogs Workshop

You will meet a certified therapy dog and handler that will show you how to pass the therapy dog handler written and behavioral tests at the least cost and quickest way. Course provides a list of facilities, leading certifying agencies, dog training tips and resources, comprehensive explanation of the certifying process, and on-going post-class support. This seminar is for persons desiring a better understanding of the field of therapy dog service and the process of qualifying their dog to become a therapy handler team either as a volunteer or in a paid position and professionally trained healthcare workers wanting to integrate animal-assisted therapy into their practices.
Online: www.k9ambassadors.net

Therapeutic Cannabis: Benefits and Legislation

Presented by: Felicia Carbajal, Co-Founder, California Cannabis Advocates; Dr. Brandi Cross, PhD, Molecular Biology, Chief Science Officer, Smart Pharm Reseach; and Boris Shcharansky, Chief Operating Officer, Papa & Barkley

Location: Workshop

Marijuana Legalization

The last decade has brought incredible progress to the science of cannabis medicine. There are now a myriad of options besides inhalation for almost any condition, including dosed liquid extracts, edible oils, medicated foodstuffs, patches, tablets, lozenges, and more! Discover what research is telling us about the positive medicinal impacts of therapeutic cannabis for people on the Autism spectrum and with other types of disabilities, including spinal cord injury (SCI), multiple sclerosis (MS) and more. With the advent of inexpensive potency testing for cannabis, you can now be confident of your dosing, as well as titrating the amounts of THC and CBD and changing your ratio (for pain vs inflammation). Also learn how to use cannabis topically with salves, balms, and creams.

Open Your World with Accessible Travel

Presented by: John Morris, Founder, WheelchairTravel.org

Location: Workshop

Travel the World: Wheelchair Traveler in China

The world is more accessible than ever, and the travel industry is beginning to recognize that wheelchair users and people with disabilities want to explore it too! This workshop will provide you with information and tools to plan an accessible vacation, opening your world to new experiences and possibilities. Come prepared to participate in an accessible travel Q&A with the presenter, who will bring firsthand knowledge from nearly one million miles flown with a wheelchair. You will leave this workshop with inspiration for your next vacation and tips to make accessible travel enjoyable for all, including your friends, family members and caregivers.
Online: Read more about traveling with a disability at www.wheelchairtravel.org.

Dealing With Practical Issues Due to Spinal Cord Injury or Paralysis

Presented by: Nurse Linda PhD, CRRN (Linda M. Schultz, PhD, CRRN)

The following workshop is presented by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and is geared toward anyone who lives with paralysis from disease, injury or birth condition and their loved ones. Learn more at www.christopherreeve.org

Location: Workshop

Dealing With Practical Issues Due to Spinal Cord Injury or Paralysis

Immobility due to paralysis or limited function can affect every aspect of living. Discussing practical adaptations to daily living and personal care can help reduce restrictions and complications as well as to improve overall health. The session will open with specific activities to avoid the complications of immobility from paralysis. The emphasis of the session is about ways to improve health and deal with common problems using readily available resources and how to request additional support. A professional rehabilitation registered nurse will discuss your individual questions about mobility, bowel and bladder function, skin care, wellness and other healthcare issues. This will include ways to improve complications of aging with paralysis. Nurse Linda writes a weekly blog for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Foundation. Her discussions are based on current research evidence and guidelines that are translated into easy to understand language. Questions from the audience are welcome.
Learn more: www.christopherreeve.org

Ground Therapy: Connect to the Earth and Feel Better – A New Healing Resource for People with Disabilities*

Presented by: Clint Ober and Martin Zucker, co-authors of the book Earthing

Location: Workshop

Ground Therapy

Discover a self-healing treatment that is easy to access, effective, and supported by research. It's called Grounding which literally means to electrically connect your body to the Earth by standing barefoot outdoors on the grass, or using conductive patches and mats indoors that are connected to a grounded outlet while sitting or sleeping. Attendees will learn about Ground Therapy, how to do it, and the typical health benefits, such as reduced inflammation and chronic pain, improved blood flow, accelerated healing, and deeper sleep. Research and feedback are encouraging for the disability community.
* This workshop features a special, first-ever opportunity at Abilities Expo. Forty attendees will be connected to the Earth (grounded) during the session. First-come-first-served.
Learn more: www.earthinginstitute.net

Look Your Best with Makeup Artist Steph Aiello!

Presented by: Steph Aiello, @uwalk_iglide

Location: Workshop

Look Your Best with Makeup Artist Steph Aiello!

Join makeup artist Steph Aiello of @uwalk_iglide and The Rollettes fame! Steph will be sharing her makeup tips and answering your questions. Discover how you can create a unique look for you, where to buy the best products affordably, and how to celebrate yourself with and without makeup. Best of all – YOU will help design this workshop! That's right! Follow Steph at her Instagram account @uwalk_iglide. A few weeks prior to the show she will invite her followers to share what they want her to provide guidance on at this workshop.
Learn more: @uwalk_iglide, www.youtube.com/user/StephSCI and www.uwalkiglide.com

What's New in Assistive Technology

Presented by: Paul Amadeus Lane, TV & Radio Personality, Abilities Expo Ambassador, Brand Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, MC

Location: Workshop

What's New in Assistive Technology

Discover the latest in assistive technology! Paul Lane, power chair user and Abilities Expo Ambassador, will be attending CES, the global consumer electronics and technology trade show, just prior to Abilities Expo Los Angeles. Paul will share an overview of the new assistive technology that is coming onto the market for the community. It's your chance to find out what's next in both low and high-cost assistive technology that could help make life a little bit easier.
Online: www.paulamadeuslane.com

The Intensive Model of Therapy: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Presented by: Lynette LaScala, Founder and CEO, NAPA Center; and Lisa Murphy OTD, OTR/L, SWC Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Director of Rehabilitation, NAPA Center

Location: Workshop

Intensive Therapy

With a focus on global development, NAPA Center will utilize case examples of real patients to demonstrate how occupational, physical and speech therapists work together within the intensive model to provide comprehensive treatment and help children maximize their progress towards goals. Presenters will discuss how therapists collaborate and educate one another to implement specific discipline strategies and goals in a child's therapy sessions to provide repetition and facilitate learning across contexts.
Learn more: www.napacenter.org

Access the World: Tips for Traveling with a Disability

Presented by: Debra Kerper, Easy Access Travel

Location: Workshop

Access the World: Tips for Traveling with a Disability

Would you like to travel the country or the world, but believe you cannot because of your disability? At this workshop you will learn that travel by air, sea and car is a real option for you. The presenter, a professional travel agent who has a disability and has travelled extensively, will share with you how to plan a trip, including what to expect form hotels, rental car companies, cruise lines and the airlines. Learn about the common challenges, methods for addressing them and what the law requires. Attendees will receive recommendations for disability-friendly destinations and accessible travel resources. Be sure to bring your pressing questions and a list of places you'd like to visit.
Learn more: www.easyaccesstravel.com

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