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OCTOBER 1-3, 2021

New Jersey Convention & Expo Center

Fri. 11am-5pm | Sat. 11am-5pm | Sun 11am-4pm

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And They Danced!

Here's what we did in 2018. Stay tuned for 2019!

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Every Body Dance!

Presented by: Center for Modern Dance Education

Location: Events Arena

Every Body Dance!

Join the Center for Modern Dance Education (CMDE) for a short Modern Dance performance featuring a mixed-ability cast, followed by an interactive dance workshop. The movement activities will be appropriate for all ages and abilities! Founded in 1962, CMDE is an award-winning non-profit organization with the mission to make dance available to everyone.
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Breaking Barriers Through Dance

Presented by: ZCO Dance Project

Location: Events Arena

Dancing Beyond Disability

ZCO Dance Project is a dance company that showcases the talent of dancers demonstrating "Dancing beyond disability" with grace, charm, perseverance, soul and power. Dancers of all ages and abilities will present several short performances followed by a movement workshop for attendees. Discover all kinds of fun ways to move through movement exercises and drills. Learn how the repetition of movement allows participants to absorb the dance techniques, encourages creativity and provides an opportunity to learn various dance styles.
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Ballroom Dancing with Cheryl Angelelli and Tamerlan Gadirov

Presented by: Cheryl Angelelli and Tamerlan Gadirov, Dance Mobility

Location: Events Arena

Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing with Cheryl Angelelli!

Cheryl Angelelli is a 4-time Paralympic Medalist and World Record Holder in Swimming. After retiring from swimming in 2014, she began competitive wheelchair ballroom dancing. Cheryl and her partner, Tamerlan Gadirov, are ranked #1 in the United States in Para Dance Sport/Combi Class 1, and are top 10 in the world rankings. Cheryl is the co-founder of Dance Mobility, an adapted ballroom dance program. Don't miss this special opportunity to see them perform and learn at a mini master class!

This appearance made possible by FCA Automobility Program,

Dance Workshop: The Art of Leading From A Chair

Presented by: Nyemchek's Dance Center Presents Roll Call Wheelchair Dance

Location: Events Arena

Dance for Everyone Event

Wheelchair dancing is a fun, social and therapeutic activity. Roll Call Wheelchair Dance members will demonstrate some of the basic dance steps including the walk, swing and waltz – showing both beginner and intermediate versions. Next up it's a single ladies line dance (with a special part for the guys!) and a few solo performances. Then it's your turn for an exciting group number that everyone can participate in, standing or sitting. And it all wraps with a mini lesson for everyone. All levels of ability are welcome.
Wheelchair Dancing crosses the boundaries of age, gender, and physical ability and includes individuals using manual or power chairs with varying levels of ability.
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