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May 5-7, 2023

New Jersey Convention & Expo Center

Fri. 11am-5pm | Sat. 11am-5pm | Sun 11am-4pm

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Assistive Technology Showcase: Interact with Tomorrow's Technology Today

Here's what we did in 2018. Stay tuned for 2019!

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The Abilities Expo AT Showcase, sponsored by the New Jersey Assistive Technology Center, is your chance to explore how assistive technology can help you or your loved ones bridge the gap between ability and disability!

To see examples of people with disabilities using assistive technology, please visit the Assistive Technology Center YouTube channel, by going to their website, and clicking on the YouTube icon in the top right.

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The NJ AT Center—a program of Advancing Opportunities—has been a leader in disability services for half a century and specializes in helping “people with disabilities, their families, teachers and employers identify and learn to use technology that will be most effective in meeting their goals.”

At the Expo, they will feature an array of assistive technology for people of all disabilities to experience hands-on. In addition, their RESNA-certified staff will offer suggestions and share their extensive knowledge to help determine the most appropriate technology match for your abilities and situations.

Assistive Technology

Everyday Technologies
Come join us and learn how devices such as iPads, Kindles and even your smartphone can be used as supports for people with cognitive, physical and sensory impairments.

Computer Access for People with Physical Disabilities
Don’t miss these ingenious mouse and keyboard alternatives including Ergo mouse, tracker, trackball, Keys u see, orbi touch and intellikeys.

AT Software for People with Developmental Disabilities and Autism
The myriad of buttons on a keyboard can be overwhelming for people with special needs. Switch access software from industry leaders like SoftTouch and Judy Lynn Software will help to open their world.

AT Software for People with Learning Disabilities
Help your loved ones with learning disabilities sharpen their skills and level the playing field with the innovative SOLO 6 and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Also, those with dyslexia, ADD and other learning disabilities that affect their ability to read can experience the wonder of the written word through such groundbreaking software as Kurzweil 3000 and Read Please.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Devices
People of all ages, cognitive abilities and skill levels can break though the walls of their communication impairments through the use of the high-tech and low-tech AAC products at the AT Showcase.

Technology Lending Center
Stop by this table to conduct online web searches about assistive technology and access the Technology Lending Center at Advancing Opportunities, the most comprehensive lending library in New Jersey. Through this, members may borrow a wide variety of equipment—from daily living aids and computer access devices to switches and toys—for up to six weeks.

Come and try it out for yourself!!

Assistive Technology

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