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May 5-7, 2023

New Jersey Convention & Expo Center

Fri. 11am-5pm | Sat. 11am-5pm | Sun 11am-4pm

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What's the Difference? Clinical Applications for Standard and Complex Power Wheelchairs

Presented by: Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS, Pride Mobility

Location: Junior Ballroom

Clinical Applications for Standard and Complex Power Wheelchairs

A power wheelchair is a power wheelchair, right? While many power wheelchairs are controlled by a standard in-line joystick, as complex rehab equipment professionals, we should not assume most power wheelchairs are similar. This course will discuss key performance characteristics of the 2 most common power wheelchair groups (Group 2 and Group 3), considerations for drive wheel configuration, the need for non-expandable versus expandable controllers, and considerations for suspension.

The session is complimentary, but registration is required. Attendees can earn .2 CEUs. For more information, click here.

Disability and Special Needs Planning Made Easy

Presented by: Andre Sam, Disability & Special Needs Project

Location: Workshop

Family planning for families with disabilities

Join us for an informative and educational workshop for family members with loved ones of all ages with physical and/or intellectual disabilities or special needs. The topics covered in this workshop include Guardianship & Alternatives to Guardianship, Microboards, Wills, Family Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, SSI, Social Security Retirement/Survivor Benefits, Social Security Disability, Medicaid/Medicare, ABLE Accounts, Budget Planning and Transition Planning. This workshop will explain why these disability and special needs planning documents are important to have and how they complement each other in an estate plan designed to protect yourself, your family and/or your loved one's current and future quality of life and care. Don't be afraid to plan, be afraid if you don't plan.

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Accessible Home Design: The Basics

Presented by: Wayne W. Broadfield, AIA, Associated Director of Architecture, Paralyzed Veterans of America

Location: Workshop

Accessible Home Design

Can I retrofit my master bathroom to include a spacious roll-in shower? What must I do to install an elevator in my two-story home? How can my flower garden be made more accessible? Who should I hire to make sure my home renovation project will fit my needs? Accessible Home Design: The Basics will address improving the accessibility in each specific area of a home, as well as what you need to know before taking on a renovation project. Whether it's a new accessible residence or retrofitting your existing home, information will be presented with real examples and case studies. Subject matter will include entering your home, residential elevators and lifts, kitchen design, bathrooms and plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, outdoor areas, and gardens, and much more.

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Balancing Function and Independence: Clinical Considerations for Power Positioning

Presented by: Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS, Pride Mobility

Junior ballroom

Clinical Considerations for Power Positioning

Power wheelchairs are designed to augment function when functional mobility is compromised or lost. For end users with complex needs, the power wheelchair can also augment repositioning and pressure relief. This course will dive into the various options for power positioning, clinical benefits, various access methods, and the research supporting the need for power positioning technology.

The session is complimentary, but registration is required. Attendees can earn .2 CEUs. For more information, click here.

Travel for the Wheelchair User? Yes, You Can!

Presented by: Kristy Lacroix, Wheelchair Escapes

Location: Workshop

Group Travel

Join Kristy Lacroix of Wheelchair Escapes as she shares from her 28 years of hands-on experience planning wheelchair travel for herself and travelers with disabilities. She will share travel tips, ideas, and advice to help you say, “I can do it!” so you can get out there and explore! Please bring your travel questions and concerns. Kristy wants you to leave this workshop knowing, that yes, you can travel the world!

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Cannabis for Well Being

Presented by: Jade Sancho-Duser, The Social Impact Center

Location: Workshop

Cannabis Workshop

Recent studies have affirmed that humans have been exploring ways of balancing the bodies for millennia. Homeostasis has always been our body's goal. Through the advancement of science and research of the cannabis plant, we have learned that homeostasis is easily achieved with the support of cannabis. From physical and mental exercise to maintaining a healthy diet, we've all explored ways of elevating our well-being. What if a plant could help your body achieve homeostasis naturally? Did you know your body has a vast pain alleviating network known as the endocannabinoid system? What if your diet and exercise routine could be amplified with micro dosing cannabis? We invite you to join us, the Social Impact Center, as we explore an ancient medicine rooted in the present in this 1-hour informational workshop that explores the benefits of cannabinoid medicine.

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Making Mindfulness Meaningful

Presented by: Jay Gupta, RPh, MTM Consultant, C-IAYT and Terry Gupta, MSW, C-IAYT, YACEP, E-RYT500

Location: Workshop Area

Mindfulness Workshop

The following workshop is presented by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and is geared toward anyone who lives with paralysis from disease, injury or birth condition and their loved ones. Learn more at

Using mindfulness, science says we have the power to effect beneficial brain changes, gene expression and chemical cascades that that can affect our blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, and cholesterol, as well our experience of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, sleep quality and PTSD. We will review the mindfulness research, including research specific to persons with paralysis, discuss how to use mindfulness capsules to enhance health-related quality of life for persons with paralysis, their caregivers and healthcare professionals, as well as provide an experiential mindfulness capsule to add to your daily routines.

Accessible Travel Adventures with Sylvia Longmire

Presented by: Sylvia Longmire, Accessible Travel Writer and Disability Rights Activist, Spin the Globe

Location: Workshop

Accessible Travel Adventures with Sylvia Longmire

Join Sylvia Longmire, award-winning accessible travel blogger, as she shares accessible travel tips and tricks to make your next adventure as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. She will also share fun and engaging stories as a solo wheelchair traveler, taken from her new book, What Happened to You. The book will be available at the Expo, and Sylvia will signing copies for attendees.

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Dating and Healthy Relationships for People with Disabilities

Presented by: Kathy O’Connell, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Director, Radiant Abilities, LLC

Location: Workshop Area

Dating and healthy relationships

Living in a society where people with disabilities are treated equally and fairly is the goal of any good organization. Dating and healthy relationships are rarely addressed in many groups – and can stifle the equality of people with disabilities as a result. If we want to see holistic success, we must address these elements. Many uncomfortable and harmful circumstances, stemming from people not having relationship skills, can arise. Sometimes in not knowing how to address such issues, they get swept under the rug. Imagine if you were told these feelings were wrong and should be avoided? There is a way to address the social and emotional challenges of dating and relationships for people with disabilities so they can expertly navigate them. This not only enhances relationship skills but also helps develop better boundaries, increases self-esteem and confidence, and improves mental health for pursuing goals.

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How to Pay for Everything You See Today. Come Fundraise with Help Hope Live!

Presented by: Sonny Mullen and Kelly L. Green, Help Hope Live

Location: Workshop Area

How to Pay for Everything You See Today. Come Fundraise with Help Hope Live!

Learn how you can fundraise to cover costs of everything you see at the Abilities Expo, from power chairs to adaptive bikes. Help Hope Live wants to help! Come to our workshop to hear more about how we work closely with our Abilities Expo partners to get our clients on their way to independence!
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How Horses Influence Ability: Your Guide to Equine-Assisted Services

Presented by: Carolyn Beisiegel, COTA/L, CARSS II, CTRI

Learn About Horse Therapy Options and How They Influence Your Ability

Equine-assisted services have grown and expanded over the years. As the industry has developed, clear delineations have been set to create standards for each service. In this workshop, learn the differences between equine-assisted therapy, adaptive riding, and equine-assisted learning. Find out how each has a focus on your ability. Explore what makes each option unique, their standards of best practice, and the benefits of each, so that you may better understand which one is best for yourself, a client, and/or your loved ones.

PATH Intl. Certified Instructors will receive 1 CR or 1 CE CEU for attending this workshop.

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