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OCTOBER 1-3, 2021

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Spinal Cord Injury Research

Presented by: Steven Knezevic, Ingrid Lee, & Gregory Mendez, the Spinal Cord Damage Research Center

Location: Workshop

Spinal Pain Workshop

The mission of the Spinal Cord Damage Research Center is to improve quality of life and increase longevity by identifying, intervening, and/or preventing the secondary medical consequences of individuals with a spinal cord injury. The investigators in our Center strive to make available to our health care providers a greater awareness and understanding of medical complications associated with reduced activity and paralysis. Better recognition and treatment of these adverse secondary conditions result in improved quality of medical care and quality of life for Veterans and non-Veterans with spinal cord injury. Please join our presentation to learn about all of our current research and how you can get involved, SCI or not!

Accessible Home Design

Presented by: Mark Lichter, Paralyzed Veterans of America

Location: Workshop


Can I retrofit my master bathroom to include a spacious roll-in shower? What must I do to install an elevator in my two-story home? How can my flower garden be made more accessible? Who should I hire to make sure my home renovation project will fit my needs? Accessible Home Design: The Basics will address improving the accessibility in each specific area of a home, as well as what you need to know before taking on a renovation project. Whether it's a new accessible residence or retrofitting your existing home, information will be presented with real examples and case studies. Subject matter will include entering your home; residential elevators and lifts, kitchen design, bathrooms and plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, outdoor areas and gardens, and much more.
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Twitter: @PVA1946
Facebook: @ParalyzedVeterans
Instagram: @pva1946

How to Optimize your family's health with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Presented by: Shannon Kenitz

Locations: Workshop

Description to come.

Create Lasting Memories Through Accessible Travel

Presented by: Srin Madipalli, Program/Product Manager for In-Home Accessibility, Airbnb

Location: Workshop

Accessible Travel. Man photographing exotic landscape.

Travelers with disabilities are experiencing a changing world when it comes to travel; access is improving, more people are traveling than ever, but there are still many challenges we face when it comes to planning and logistics. As a global traveler, Srin Madipalli, has logged countless lessons on how to travel as a person who uses a powerchair and has many insights to share.  Join this workshop to learn from the mistakes Srin has made and the triumphs he’s witnessed that have made travel one of the most rewarding endeavors of his life. Hear about his work in technology and advocacy to make travel inclusive for all and get practical knowledge on how to create your own memorable travel journeys.
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Fundraising for Medical Equipment

Presented by: Kelly Green, Help Hope Live

Location: Workshop

Fundraising for Medical Equipment

From wheelchairs to assistive technology to accessible vans, maintaining your mobility can be an expensive investment. Although most people dealing with a disability understand how significantly the right equipment can improve their lives, many cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs without assistance. Unlock a powerful way to raise funds with Help Hope Live’s expert guidance.  We will discuss the many options and strategies that can be employed for raising funds to support your life.
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Maintaining Health with Spinal Cord Injury

Presented by: Nurse Linda, PhD, CRRN
The following workshop is presented by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and is geared toward anyone who lives with paralysis from disease, injury or birth condition and their loved ones. Learn more at

Location: Workshop


The amount of information regarding care after spinal cord injury can be overwhelming. What is needed to keep every individual healthy will be supplemented with strategies for improving your health after SCI. Reviewing the basics can help you incorporate needed activities. Topics highlighted include mental health, bowel, bladder, skin care, movement and medications. Nurse Linda writes a weekly blog for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Foundation. Her discussions are based on current research evidence and guidelines which are translated into easy to understand language. Questions about any SCI topic are welcome.
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Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @ReeveFoundation

Be a Local Tourist for a Day

Presented by: Lakshmee and Garrett Weinstein, TravelEZ

Location: Workshop

Local Tourist: Picture of New York City

This session will share tips on how to be a 'local tourist' for a day in New York City. Lakshmee will share information on attractions which are affordable and accessible along with accessible itineraries so that people with disabilities who cannot travel long distances can enjoy the benefits of a day staycation in one of the world's most sought after destinations.
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Cannabis 101: What You Need To Know!

Presented by: Felicia Carbajal, The Social Impact Center

Location: Workshop


Learn the ABC’s of cannabis, commonly referred to as medical marijauana. Our workshop serves as a baseline education for the history, science, and legality of cannabis. Learn about the human body’s endocannabinoid regulating system, best practices, and health and safety solutions.
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Accessible Travel-You can do it!

Presented by: Kristy Lacroix, Certified Accessible Travel Specialist,

Location: Workshop


Kristy has over 25 years of hands on power wheelchair travel. She is a
Certified Accessible Travel Specialist.  She is going to share with you
lots of information and wheelchair travel tips so you too, can experience
the wonderful world of travel.  Don't let a wheelchair stop you from
exploring the world.  You will come away with the feeling I Can Do it!
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You are Unique and Your Mobility Device Should Be Too!

Presented by: Linda Bollinger PT, DPT, ATP, Sunrise Medical

Location: Workshop

Unique Mobility Device Users

Often individuals who are full-term users of a mobility device are prescribed equipment that is “off the shelf.” However, many individuals require customized equipment due to their unique condition.  Often, standard equipment does not suffice. This presentation describes the differences between standard DME equipment and assistive technology that has been designated as Complex Rehab Technology (CRT).  It will provide descriptions on the differences between standard and CRT and when customized equipment would be recommended for you.  This course will also address how you can advocate for your unique needs when it comes to getting the equipment that you need.
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Sharing Your Story: Top Ten Tips

Presented by: Cindy Kolbe, Author of Struggling with Serendipity, Social Media Adviser, Disability Advocate

Location: Workshop

Amputee blogger in the wilderness

Storytelling is powerful, and you have a story only you can tell. Would you like to share your story locally—or with the world? In this workshop, blogger Cindy Kolbe discusses valuable tips and innovative resources to bring your story to light. Her 2019 memoir launched with a traditional publisher, and she’s passionate about the power of stories. Tapping into social media? Starting a blog? Hoping to sell an article? Dreaming of signing your own book at your favorite bookstore? Learn about new online resources to support your storytelling. Workshop participants will receive a free Share Your Story Guide.
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