Winnebago Opens up #VanLife to Broader Population with the Wheelchair-Ready Roam Class B RV

Winnebago Specialty Vehicle Division introduces the Winnebago Roam, a unique class-B RV designed with a wheelchair lift and many accessible features. This newest Accessibility Enhanced (AE) RV provides all the key functionality needed for comfortable travel or camping in an easy-to-drive package.

The Roam is designed with enough floorspace to support a wheelchair and critical accessible features. This vehicle is suited for road trips, camping or even daily errands. At just under 20 feet long, it fits into most standard parking spaces. The Roam is currently authorized to be sold through the following Winnebago dealers: La Mesa, Campers Inn and Pleasureland.

Winnebago Roam

New Winnebago Roam is the first class-B RV designed specifically for wheelchair accessibility

The 2022 Winnebago Roam includes an under-vehicle wheelchair lift, standard wheelchair tie downs, a wet bath accessible from a wheelchair, accessible controls for all lights and systems and a powered sofa bed. The Roam seats up to five people and sleeps up to four with the optional pop-top. 

"Winnebago Specialty Vehicles has been building Class-A accessible RVs for decades and we are passionate about enabling people with mobility challenges the opportunity to comfortably travel. We believe the Roam, with its smaller size, will help many more people with accessibility needs experience the flexibility and fun of an RV," said Robert Kim, Director of Winnebago's Specialty Vehicle Division. "We designed the Roam to support many uses, including camping, road trips and even as a daily driver."

Working in the Winnebago Roam

The Roam joins Winnebago's Inspire and Adventurer AE accessible RV models. Building on four decades of providing motorhomes with accessibility, Winnebago's expanded 2022 AE line provides even more options for travelers in wheelchairs to enjoy the comfort and privacy of an RV. Almost every aspect in the Roam is optimized for usability by someone with mobility limitations. The Winnebago AE motorhome line opens up a broader and richer world by allowing people in wheelchairs to travel in comfort and confidence.

Get your sneak peak at the Winnebago Roam at Abilities Expo Phoenix

"The freedom of travel with the comforts of home is what we aim for when designing Accessibility Enhanced RVs, including the Roam," said Winnebago Specialty Vehicle Division Director of Sales, Jennifer Butters. "Whether one is taking a weekend trip or just running daily errands, we want to enable people to explore their world whenever the mood suits them." 

Modern look of the Winnebago Roam

Come see the Winnebago Roam at the upcoming Phoenix Abilities Expo, September 10-12th! Representatives from Winnebago and La Mesa RV will be onsite to provide tours and information.

The Roam B-Van will be available Fall 2021. For more updates on the launch and how to purchase, please visit our website.

For more information about Winnebago Specialty Vehicles, follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can contact Winnebago directly at or 800-492-9135.

Seatbvelt on the Winnebago Roam

Sleep space in the Winnebago Roam

Organizing in the Winnebago Roam

Sleeping space in the Winnebago Roam

Working in the Winnebago Roam


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