Join YouTube Sensation Richard Corbett for Wheels2Walking Adventures

By Lisa Wells, Cure Medical

With more than 3 million YouTube views in less than 3 weeks, Wheels2Walking's founder Richard Corbett literally can't sit still. He's on a mission to make sure you don't either, by encouraging viewers to explore their own world on wheels through his adventures on film!

He says, "Nine years ago, my life changed forever due to a 50-foot fall. Now I'm ready to share my strength and hope with you."

Richard Corbett

Richard Corbett Shares His 9-Year Journey After SCI

Richard sustained his spinal cord injury while out for a jog in his neighborhood. A misstep and freak accident caused him to fall 50 feet onto concrete below, leaving him with multiple fractures and paralyzed from the waist down, plus a crushed elbow and split open sternum. Medical professionals told him he would never walk again.

Initially during rehab, Richard used a power wheelchair but after years of ongoing therapy, he is now using a manual wheelchair and can walk short distances.

"When I was first injured," Richard explains, "I had to relearn how to do everything from trial and error, constantly failing and learning what worked best for me."

That's why Wheels2Walking, the video movement founded by Richard and his friend Andrew Deitsch, aims to help a global community of wheelchair users learn new and better ways to enjoy life after a traumatic physical injury or condition.

"We make videos for newly injured wheelchair users to help improve their quality of life and regain independence," he shares.

Richard and Business Partner, Andrew

Richard captures your imagination during his ongoing adventures thanks to the
movie-making prowess of his business partner, Andrew (pictured in tow above).

Wheels2Walking's Adventures Skyrocket on YouTube

Within seconds of tuning in, you'll understand why millions of YouTube and social media followers love to watch Richard in action as he travels the country spotlighting people, programs and places that make a difference in the disability community!

"The Wheels2Walking channel is something I first created for myself. Not my current self, but for my past self. That 20-year-old kid who had his entire future taken away from him. The kid who didn't know how to live life in a wheelchair. Who was constantly confused and constantly failing. The kid who wanted to fit in, The kid who wanted to feel normal, The kid who wanted to live an independent fulfilling life but didn't know how to. Wheels2walking is for him and everyone else going through the exact same thing," Richard emphasizes in a recent interview with AbleThrive magazine.

The most popular video Richard has shared to date is titled, "Why I Use a Wheelchair if I Can Walk."  With more than 400,000 views on Facebook and 1.6 million views on YouTube, this hilarious short film aims to educate the general population on why people with different ranges of mobility may also intentionally use a wheelchair for getting around.

"We also subtly and playfully poke fun at people who point and stare at wheelchair users," Richard adds with a smile.


More popular video topics on his Wheels2Walking YouTube channel include: 

Curious about Wheelchairs? ASK ME ANYTHING!

I GOT HIT BY A CAR!? – Handicapped Parking Safety Tips

HE CAN'T DO THAT IN A WHEELCHAIR!!! – Shopping at Target

How To Fly Independently In a Wheelchair – Top Tips and Tricks


Richard Corbett and Girlfirend

Wheels2Walking Spotlights the Abilities Expo

Wheels2Walking invites you to take a tour of all that you'll discover at the Abilities Expo with their amazing highlights captured below!  In this video, Richard examines all of the new wheelchair and product technology that you can try for yourself at an upcoming Expo taking place in a city near you.
Below, Richard interviews actual wheelchair users who are also product experts, discussing industry-leading innovations like:

  • Permobil SmartDrive
  • Softwheels – Shock Absorbing Wheels
  • Cure Medical Intermittent Catheters
  • Bowhead Adaptive Off-Road Bikes
  • Ki Mobility Ethos Vibration – Dampening Wheelchair
  • Accidentally Accessible Lifestyle Aids


Richard's Advice for Newly Injured Friends

Understanding that so many people are going through what he did nearly a decade ago, Richard often shares advice on what helped him change his mindset to better adjust to a new life on wheels.

"I accepted my reality the best I could and worked on becoming the best person I possibly could in a wheelchair," he says. His perception of using a wheelchair slowly changed over time too.

"I didn't like being in the wheelchair, but I had realized it was my only effective option. I had tons of support from my family and friends cheering me on. The physical therapists were delighted because when I originally came in, I didn't want anything to do with a wheelchair," he adds.

Richard seeks to lead by example, via his videos, on showing the world what wheelchair users can do. Tune into his social channels below to join the Wheels2Walking movement!

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