Ring in the New Year with Health-focused Resolutions You Can Keep

By Lisa Wells, Cure Medical

As we roll into 2019, now's the time to reconfirm your focus on living a healthy, active life! Here's a few ways you can focus on a better, healthier YOU in the New Year.

Man in wheelchair during snowstorm

#1: Avoid Medical Products and Foods That May Trigger Latex Allergies

For the general population, latex allergies are uncommon and not something most people have to worry about. In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) reports that less than 1% of people are sensitive to natural rubber latex.

However, those that have spent a lot time around hospitals—such as people with disabilities and chronic health conditions, as well as healthcare professionals—are at a much higher risk. And, people with spina bifida are at the top of the list.

According to AAFA, "The highest risk [for latex allergy] is in children with spina bifida. More than three out of every five children with Spina Bifida are allergic to latex."

Find out what foods and medical products are most likely to trigger your latex allergy here.

Man in wheelchair during snowstorm

#2: Get Fit with Maria Muscle

If your holiday indulgence resulted in a little more of you to love, don't worry. Fitness advocate Maria "Muscle" Rabaino to the rescue!

You may recognize Maria from her performances with the Rollettes dance team, but dancing is just one of the ways this fitness guru stays in shape.

Her commitment to healthy living came following her spinal cord injury, when she had gained some extra weight and decided it was time to do something about it. A fitness challenge on Instagram solidified her commitment to staying healthy. This platform was so instrumental for her that she now wields it to help others with disabilities get in shape. In fact, a community of fitness enthusiasts follow her to receive workout tips!

Maria Muscle getting fit

#3. Lower Your Exposure to Medical Products Made with Chemicals that are Known to Cause Cancer

As awareness is spreading about the continued presence of chemicals that are known to cause cancer in medical supplies, a growing number of leaders in the disability community are raising their voice in support of not using intermittent catheters that are made with alarming chemicals. These chemicals like DEHP, DINP and BPA are also listed on California's Proposition 65 registry.
"That's right, I learned that even the catheters I had been using all of my life contained chemicals that I had already been avoiding for years," said 2005 Ms. Wheelchair California and Disability Activist Kristina Rhoades. "But, that's now a thing of the past. Thankfully, I discovered catheters made by Cure Medical—they aren't made with scary chemicals like DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex. Now, with Cure, I can rest assured that I'm using medical products that I feel are best for my body."

Jorge Alfaro, paraplegic and peer mentor at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, commented, "As a medical supply professional, I love Cure products. They make quality but inexpensive catheters, which is great. And they show you right on the packaging that Cure catheters are not made with DEHP."

"As a nurse, I had to start caring about the medical supplies I was using, so I could be in the best position to suggest products to patients," said Andrea Dalzell, Ms. Wheelchair New York 2015, registered nurse and transverse myelitis survivor who stars in Apple iWatch commercials. "Often, we're not taught to be big advocates about our own bodies and the products we use, plus we aren't usually screened enough."

Are you using a medical product, including an intermittent catheter, that is made with DEHP or DINP? Find out! Ask your medical supplies provider to tell you what is in your current catheter and learn more.

Have a Happy, Healthy New Year from all of us at Cure Medical and the Abilities Expo!

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