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Abilities Marketplace

Looking for everything from clever, budget-friendly aids to high-tech marvels to must-have medical equipment to disability accessories? You'll find it in the Abilities Marketplace!

ADAPTS Portable Transfer Sling

This portable, affordable transfer sling is a must-have to help people with disabilities safely exit planes, trains, cruise ships, hotels and more in the event of an emergency evacuation or for everyday transfer.


Need custom assistive solutions for walkers, wheelchairs or daily living? BRK, LLC is your expert go-to for personalized adaptive equipment and innovations.

URO Urinary Suspensory System

Live your life while discreetly managing your leg bag with the URO Urinary Suspensory System™. Safely secure your bag in the interior pockets of a comfortable UNISEX undergarment without the tourniquet-like leg straps! Medicare approved.


Collaboration with actual wheelchair users is what makes our most versatile (and classy) line of bags yet! Organize your life and keep your necessities within reach with FEELDOM Premium Wheelchair Bags in an array of styles and sizes.


The "People Picker Upper" is an indispensable human lift that safely lifts a fallen person from the floor, eliminating the need for a 911 call. IndeeLift transforms a stressful fall into a non-event restoring dignity and independence.

EdgeMate Pool Chair

Inspired by people with disabilities, the EdgeMate Pool Chair is intended for all those who want to discover, or rediscover, the simple joy of being in a swimming pool.


Earthing products give your body access to the grounding response and helps you naturally reduce pain, inflammation and stress while improving your mood, sleep and overall well-being.

befree zipOns Adaptive Pants

These pants have a lot of zip to get dressed with less stress. Stylish and functional, zipOns are the perfect solution for those with limited mobility, offering a new level of ease and comfort.

Cure ProteX Introducer Tip™

The Cure ProteX Introducer Tip™ featured on the Cure Dextra® Closed System and the Cure Catheter® Closed System is uniquely designed to help transfer benefits not bacteria.

Plant3r (Grow Food Indoors Year-round with LED Lights!)

With online instruction and LED grow lights, you can grow your favorite veggies and herbs 365 days a year, and never worry about frost, drought or extreme temperatures again.


AccessibleGO is the first ever hotel-booking site just for people with accessibility needs. Search hotels by specific accessibility features, book with special discounts and let our dedicated customer service specialists take care of the rest.

CushPocket Wheelchair Bag

Push with a cush! When you are on-the-go with the The CushPocket® Wheelchair Bag, everything you need is conveniently located just an arm's length away.

Rare Patient Voice

Want to get paid for your opinion? Rare Patient Voice wants to hear your story through confidential surveys and interviews, and pay you on a $120 per hour scale for your participation.