Love Rehab Solutions Delivers Next-Gen Safety Beds

By John Burley, Love Rehab Solutions

The Night Owl Safety Bed by Love Rehab Solutions, oftentimes referred to as the "Next Generation of Safety Beds," it is the industry's most unique and innovative safety bed, designed specifically to serve as a tool and accessory to the special-needs bedroom environment. The engineering concept at Love Rehab Solutions doesn't stop there. It revolves around all this AND delves deeper into Sensory Stabilization than anyone else has ever dreamed. And it's all about dreaming!

While Sensory Stabilization is not needed in all of our special needs audiences, it has been proven to promote joy and calmness to every child on Earth, regardless of their mental or physical state. As a result, our future revolves around taking Sensory Stabilization to a new level while also providing EVERY attribute of any other safety bed and much, much more! Stop by our Booth at Abilities Expo Miami on November 4-6 to see for yourself.

Love Rehab Bed illustration

Form Meet Function with Love Rehab Safety Beds

Our exquisitely designed safety beds aren't just an exquisite addition to the bedroom, they are also invaluable tools to ensure the wellbeing of any child with disabilities.

A Tool to Declutter

With four receptacles and 4 USB charging ports, you can plug any of our beds into the wall and plug your ancillary equipment into our bed to reduce power cord clutter and trip hazards.

Our IV poles are even built into our corner posts to eliminates the IV pole's base, one of the biggest trip hazards in the home!

A Tool and an Accessory

Every bed has a viewing panel to house and power both a tablet and/or a camera. The Internet is just the first tease to the world of Sensory Stabilization.

An Environmental Tool

For the first time in history, our beds have introduced forced air mechanical ventilation. Every Night Owl Safety Bed has it!

When safety beds debuted in the industry, they all came with clear view acrylic panels to easily see that the child was safe and secure inside. However, due to the need to eliminate the seven entrapment zones identified by the FDA, it was a very tight enclosed area which concerned a lot of therapists about ventilation and the buildup of not-so-healthy air inside.

Love Rehab Bed

As a result, manufacturers began offering sight-obscuring mesh panels in the windows instead of clear view acrylic. Our fan forced ventilation provides much better air quality than a bed with mesh windows plus the fans are remote controlled, reversible and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

A Safety Tool

Every bed has remote controlled emergency lighting, another first in our industry's history. In every headboard of the Night Owl Safety Beds, powerful LED lights illuminate the entire bed in the event of an emergency. These lights also have the Sensory Stabilizing ability to dim to the lumen output of a nightlight.

In this article, we're intentionally leaving out the last, yet the greatest, addition to the Next Generation of Safety Beds! Stop by booth #328 at the Abilities Expo Miami, email or visit and find out what it is. There's more, come see!

Love Rehab Bed in blonde wood

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