Abilities Leaders to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from Rollettes

By Lisa Wells, Cure Medical

For many who attend, the Abilities Expo is a life-changing experience in terms of opening up a new world of resources and relationships for people who have disabilities. A vital component of the disability community, the Expo has changed thousands of lives for the better in every city that the event takes place in, thanks to the leadership of Abilities Expo co-owners Lew Shomer and David Korse.

David Korse and Lew Shomer with Maria of The Rollettes

Rollettes Tip Their Hats to Abilities Expo Owners

Under their gracious direction, the Abilities Expo has served as a launch pad for countless non-profit programs and community resources too. Rollettes founder Chelsie Hill personally understands the power of the Expo, as it served as the catalyst point for her world-renowned wheelchair dance team.

That's why the Rollettes are excited to announce that Lew and David will be honored at the Rollettes Be Boundless Summit 2019 with a Lifetime Achievement Award for their endless, unwavering support of so many advocates across the Expo community.

"David and Lew have created an incredible space where members of our community can come together and support each other," Chelsie explains. "The friendships and memories that are made from that space last a lifetime. They were one of the first people that ever really believed in Rollettes and that ever really believed in me and what I wanted to do with building this community of women. They have always been some of our biggest fans."

Abilities Expo co-owner David Korse says, "We are thrilled to provide a platform of support for non-profit organizations, community care providers and every family that attends the Expo. The Rollettes have touched so many lives across our community through their heartfelt performances and educational efforts, we are grateful and appreciative to be both a supporter and honoree of their Be Boundless Summit."

David Korse and Lew Shomer with Maria of The Rollettes

You're Invited to Join the Rollettes Be Boundless Summit 2019

Each summer, the Rollettes hosts an experience in Los Angeles, California, bringing together people from all over the globe. Open to all ages and abilities, we welcome you to partake in this life-changing bundle of moments, regardless of dance background. For many of our attendees, the Rollettes Experience is more than just dance. It's about finding someplace where you fit in perfectly. The Be Boundless Summit is the culmination of the Rollettes Experience, taking place on the last evening of the event.

With the Rollettes, you can safely step out of your comfort zone, for what you'll find is a group of women empowering women. We strive to create a space unlike any other, where you can feel your most normal and push away any boundaries placed in your way through dance.

Join us at the 2019 Rollettes Experience and Be Boundless Summit! Save your spot here.

More Celebrity Guests at the Be Boundless Summit

The Be Boundless Summit, hosted by the Rollettes, celebrates independence while sharing the journey of leaders who have raised the bar of acceptance and achievement in the disability community. When you join us for this special engagement, you'll be surrounded by leading disability advocates and stars in the community.

2018 Be Boundless award winners included:

  • Role Model Award – Ali Stroker
    Ali is the first actress who uses a wheelchair for mobility to appear on the Broadway stage. A former guest star on the tv show Glee, she is also the first wheelchair-using actress to receive a Tony nomination for her current performance in "Oklahoma."
  • Breakthrough Award – Victoria Arlen
    On-air TV personality Victoria Arlen recently appeared on Season 25 of the ABC series "Dancing with the Stars," making it to the semifinals despite having no feeling in her legs and only recently regaining the ability to walk after fighting Transverse Myelitis for many years. She is also a Paralympic Gold Medalist and ESPN host. Read more about Victoria Arlen's journey here.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Auti Angel
    Dancer, Singer, Activist and more, Auti Angel has led a new generation of boundless women through her career as a performer who rolls. Auti was one of the stars of the breakthrough television show Push Girls and also appeared in the HBO movie Musical Chairs. She continues to share her story of triumph over tragedies as you'll see her via talk shows, community events and dance performances nationwide.

"Honoring David and Lew from the Abilities Expo with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2019 Be Boundless Summit is more than fitting and is a way we can show our gratitude for everything they have done not just for us as Rollettes but for this community as a whole," Chelsie continues.

Cure Medical Proudly Sponsors the Rollettes' Experience

As an ongoing financial supporter of the Rollettes' community-based programs, including the 2019 Rollettes Experience, the Cure Medical team is excited to see you at their upcoming event as well as the Chicago Abilities Expo taking place June 21-23, 2019 at the Schaumberg Convention Center.

Stop by the Cure Medical booth #307 while you are at the Chicago show to learn more about this event, and to register for a chance to win a free trip to attend the 2019 Rollettes Experience!

While at the Chicago Expo, be sure to also join the Rollettes each day while they perform their exciting, inclusive dance routines for event participants. See their performance times here.

David Korse at Cure Medical Booth

Leading Disability Advocates Choose a Cure Catheter

More and more disability leaders, including the Rollettes, are choosing a Cure Catheter® for their daily health regimen, because they know Cure catheters are not made with DEHP, DINP, BPA or natural rubber latex.

While educational awareness is growing about the continued presence of Proposition 65 chemicals in medical supplies (including other brands of catheters), leaders in the disability community like the Rollettes are raising their voice in support of not using intermittent catheters made with scary chemicals. These chemicals, DEHP and DINP, are listed on California's Prop 65 registry. Learn more here.

"I appreciate that Cure Medical doesn't make their catheters with scary chemicals. That's actually amazing! Our bladders are important and we need to take care of them," explains Rollettes' founding member Edna Serrano who is a paraplegic since childhood due to a neuroblastoma tumor. She's a dancer against cancer!

To request free samples of the Cure Catheter® or any Cure Medical catheter, click here.

David Korse at Cure Medical Booth

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