iFly Indoor Skydiving Opens Thrill of Flight to All Abilities

By Katherine Tillman, iFly Baltimore

IIndividuals with special needs can soar beyond physical and cognitive barriers while experiencing indoor skydiving with iFly, the world's largest indoor skydiving operator.

Disability Community Welcome to Experience Skydiving

In an effort to create an environment of support and inclusion, iFly's gravity-defying indoor skydiving operations is offering All Abilities Night, a monthly event custom-designed for people with disabilities. iFly Baltimore, who is exhibiting at the upcoming DC Metro Abilities Expo on December 1-3, will make the impossible, possible on the first Monday of every month.

iFly Adaptive Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is made possible by a vertical wind tunnel, which channels air through a vertical column. The vertical orientation allows gravity to be counteracted by drag rather than lift, which is experienced by a skydiver at terminal velocity.

During indoor skydiving, the body floats in midair in the tunnel, which replicates the physics of body flight felt during a traditional outdoor freefall. According to iFly's website, "All Abilities Night is a unique event that makes the dream of flight a reality for those in the special needs community."

The event package includes a pre-flight training session, all the necessary flight gear (suit, helmet, goggles) and two, one-minute flights at the special event price of $39.95. Each flyer also gets a free video. All flyers will be assisted by specially trained Flight Instructors with extra attention and accommodations based on participant needs.

Skydiving with Disabilities

iFly hosts All Abilities events across the country, partnering with local adaptive, inclusion and special needs organizations, and offers discounted rates for event participants. (iFLY's All Abilities Night dates and time varies according to tunnel locations. The next iFly Baltimore All Abilities event will be held on Monday, December 4, 2017 from 5 pm to 8 pm at 8209 Town Center Dr. in White Marsh, MD 21236. To reserve your spot, call 667.888.4359 or email sales.baltimore@iflyworld.com.

For more information about iFly Indoor Skydiving, visit www.iflyworld.com.

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