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You've seen that garage commercial, right? How the Wright Brothers, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, Disney, Matel and The Ramones all started in a garage? Well, they forgot a big one.

BraunAbility started in a garage.

From his parents' garage, the young inventor Ralph Braun was turning out amazing pieces of assistive technology. With necessity as his impetus, he created the world's first motorized scooter because he was tired of pushing his manual wheelchair. The wheelchair lifts and vehicle conversions came because his factory job had moved too far for scooter transport.

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In 1970, Braun retrofitted a full-sized Dodge van with his wheelchair lift and word spread. It wasn't long before the garage just couldn't hold him anymore and he branched out to establish his company in his hometown of Winamac, Indiana. More than 40 years later, Ralph Braun's creation is still going strong and is largest manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vans, ramps and wheelchair lifts worldwide.

Whether you are looking for rear entry, extra-tall, center-lowered or standard, BraunAbility is determined to meet your need with their diverse line of vehicle platforms from Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda.

BraunAbility is so committed to ensuring that you are making the vehicle purchase that is right for you to improve mobility and lead an independent life, that they've produced the YouTube series, Straight Talk About Wheelchair Vans, to outline what you need to know about your conversion van in plain English.

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