Product Spotlight: LifeGuard Lift

Summertime and all the imagery it evokes is right around the corner. Though kids and adults alike are picturing hot, sunny days and cool dips in the pool, it may not be with the same excitement. It's tough to get psyched about a swim when accessing the pool is a challenge.

Lifeguard Lift in action.

Enter LifeGuard Lift. This leader in ADA-compliant commercial and home use swimming pool lifts has been adding to the anticipation and excitement of summer for nearly three decades.

Though ladders and stairs may not be an option for you, transferring to and from your pool or spa can still be easy and safe. LifeGuard Lift's home-use lifts offer people with disabilities a variety of affordable lifts to satisfy all operating options inexpensively. Individuals can slip into the pool or relax in the spa with lifts that included power-up and manual rotation or power-up and power rotation. You can mount your lift in the deck or on the deck, and be seated in a sling or on a hard seat. Standard features include wireless controller with tether; removable battery; battery charger shut-off; sling with lift bars; and lift strap set.

Lifeguard Lift in action.

And you can even check them out in person at Abilities Expo Chicago! "We are excited to be part of Abilities Expo and introduce our product line and products to the home-use market and to those who may not know about LifeGuard Lift," said Kevin Hein, president of Eaton Rapids, MI-based VonWeise, parent company of LifeGuard Lift. "We are committed to manufacturing pool lifts that provide accessible and affordable access to and from the pool."

Lifeguard Lift in action.

VonWeise, a premiere supplier of gear motors and linear actuators, has recently purchased the successful LifeGuard Lift as "the first step in a number of significant steps to align our organization for long-term growth in diverse markets," said Hein. "We are now well-positioned to design and deliver innovative and reliable pool lift equipment to both the commercial and home-use markets."

Founded on the philosophy of hard work, attention to detail and the desire to forge lasting relationships with the community of people with disabilities, LifeGuard Lift has and will continue to deliver the utmost in quality as they develop and manufacture the pool lifts that provide access to the staples of summer.

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