Product Spotlight: Sonus Hearing Care Professionals

Sonus Hearing: Lady whispering into another lady's ear.An estimated 37 million people in the United States suffer from hearing loss. Let’s reflect on the enormity of that number—it’s about one out of every eight people. And of those, only one in four people who experience hearing loss actually seek treatment.

When your hearing starts to fail, it is often so gradual that you end up adapting before you realize there is a problem. So, the next time you ask someone to repeat themselves, consider the possibility that it may not be that they are speaking too softly. Instead, it may be that it’s time for you to visit Sonus Hearing Care Professionals.

Those who studiously avoid getting their hearing checked may not realize that they face a use it or lose it scenario.

“Early screening and early detection are critical to hearing health,” said Dr. Loren Lunsford, Au.D. CCC-A, co-owner of 29 Sonus Hearing Care Professionals locations in the greater Los Angeles/Orange County area. “If hearing loss isn't properly diagnosed and treated early, then patients may experience/suffer a condition called Auditory Deprivation, that's when your brain actually 'forgets' how to hear certain sounds.”

Ear Impression: Photo of ear being tested.When the hearing nerves and the respective areas of the brain responsible for receiving the electrical signals from these hearing nerves are deprived of sound, they weaken and atrophy. The treatment of hearing loss becomes much more challenging, and much less effective, as the deprivation worsens.

According to Dr. Lunsford, “There are many causes of hearing loss and many ways to deal with it. It's important to find a qualified licensed hearing care professional or audiologist. A person's hearing loss is as individual as their fingerprint, there are so many variables and it's important to deal with a professional that understands how to get the best possible outcome for a person's individual situation.”

The professionals at Sonus are committed to providing exceptional, personalized care. They credit their extraordinary patient loyalty and satisfaction to their Patient-Centered ApproachSM. This three-pronged method is the foundation for successful treatment of hearing loss.

  1. They listen to your needs. When the treatment does not work with the way the patient lives life, he or she ignores the treatment. To avoid such epic fail, Sonus takes into account your needs and lifestyle.

  2. They create a hearing solution just for you. Because Sonus offers a full menu of the top hearing aid manufacturers, they are able to remain unbiased in their recommendations. They also offer one of the longest trial periods in the industry—75 days risk free—to ensure that you have exactly what you want and need.

  3. They stay with you through ongoing support. Substantial warranties, free batteries…Sonus is there for you for the long haul.

Just ask Sonus patient William S.

Hearing loss is not just for seniors anymore as it has been presenting in more and more young people. Many point to the sustained, hi-def, ear-drum scorching noises that come from the popular ear buds. The moral of the story is that, no matter how old you are, don’t wait until you run out of volume bars on your iPod before you seek professional help!

“Hearing loss is often misdiagnosed as a number of things like ADHD, learning disabilities and even dementia,” explained Dr. Lunsford. “It's because certain sounds are missed with certain frequencies of hearing loss, for example someone with hearing loss may not be able to tell the difference between the sounds "t" and "k". That means you may ask someone to bring you your key and they bring you a cup of tea instead.”

And to completely eliminate any excuses for neglecting hearing loss treatment, advances in digital technology have taken hearing aids to a whole new level. They are smaller than those available even a few years ago and they can automatically adapt to changing environments and reproduce sound more naturally.

Sonus believes that everyone deserves the best possible hearing for the highest quality of life. At Abilities Expo Los Angeles this weekend, Sonus is offering free hearing screenings to attendees. Come by today to start hearing better tomorrow. You can also post your questions directly to their Facebook page. If the experts don’t know the answers, they will direct you on the next steps to getting them.


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