Tie Your Shoes HANDS FREE with Zerotie

By Hilarie Viener

As many of us know, doing what seems simple to others is much harder for folks with disabilities. Take putting on shoes, for example. The bending, stretching and tying can be very difficult.

Zero Tie SneakersWouldn't it be great if you could have a secure, well-fitted shoe that you could just step in to, roll your heel back, and get going? Without extra help, bending down or using your hands?

Well, as it turns out, there is a shoe for that! It's called Zerotie.

Solution to Laces Problem for People with Mobility Issues

The Zerotie shoe is a game-changer for many people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, seniors, and healthcare professionals. By introducing a truly hands-free shoe, Zerotie is providing a life enriching product.

No Tie Shoes

This unique shoe combines technology with footwear. The patented Zerotie system eliminates the need to bend down to tie and untie your shoes. With Zerotie shoes, there is no button to press or strap to pull. It's simple and easy to use. To wear the shoe, you simply place your foot in the shoe, draw your foot back to activate the "tying" mechanism and you're ready to go. Loosening the laces is just as easy. All you have to do is effortlessly press down on the small lever on the back of the shoe with your foot and you step right out. The shoes are absolutely hands free. Once you take them out of the box, you'll never need to touch them with your hands again.

"This shoe presents a tremendous benefit to so many different types of consumers," states Evan Cagner, C.E.O. of Synclaire Brands. "It's really a quality of life product…our technology works great for people who need to tighten and loosen their shoes constantly, and those who take their shoes on and off many times a day; home services workers, health care professionals, the elderly and disabled and people with special needs."

In the United States, one out of every five adults has a disability, according to a new study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The most common functional disability type was a mobility limitation—defined as serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs—reported by one in eight adults. (CDC).

The leading cause of disability is arthritis. And those who have arthritis, particularly in their hands, have a great deal of difficulty with tying their shoes.

Innovation Triggered by Mom with Arthritis

Zerotie was invented by Greg Johnson after watching his mother struggle with bending down to tie her shoes due to her severe arthritis. To avoid wearing shoes that tied, she started wearing lightweight clogs and other ill-fitting shoes. This type of footwear prevented her from taking long walks and getting proper exercise. As a result, she gained weight and eventually began losing her mobility all together.

No-Hands Tying Shoes

It took Greg a few years, but he eventually invented a shoe that she could tie by herself simply by pulling her heel backwards.

After perfecting the design and technology, and connecting with Victoria Staten, Zerotie's Brand Manager who spent many years of her career in the shoe business, Zerotie was born.

"While the idea came from someone who couldn't physically tie their shoes, we realized we were on to something when we tested it with kids who said they wore them every day and didn't want to give them back!" states Staten.

And though it might be too late for Greg's Mom to benefit from his invention, his Zerotie hands free shoes just might change the lives of millions of people with disabilities.

"The reaction to Zerotie, from the beginning, has been awesome," states Forrest Brown, VP Sales for the brand. "People are thrilled to have found a shoe that can truly aid mobility."

Zero Tie Shoes

The brand will be showcasing their new collection at Abilities Expo Houston and is hoping to get the same reaction. "We are so excited to reveal the new Zerotie Fall 2017 Collection," states Brown. "This type of footwear is such a game-changer and now we have an even wider range of styles to choose from."

The Fall 2017 collection will include Men's, Women's and Children's, starting at a price point of $120 USD for adults and $70 USD for children's. Zerotie will be sold online at www.zerotie.com as well as through independent comfort, sporting goods, general outdoor, tech fashion and children's retailers nationwide.


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