The Zeen: Game-changing Mobility Device Keeping Users on Their Feet

Arevolutionary new mobility device called Zeen® aims to fill the wide-open space between walkers and wheelchairs, while encouraging people to stay physically active and socially inclusive. As a first of its kind, the lightweight, folding Zeen uses proprietary lifting and caster technology to help get users up and about and moving with confidence. The Zeen is for the person who values independent mobility in a standing position and is experiencing trouble with strength, balance, endurance, or fear of falling.



Designed to Let You Move Safely

The Zeen is a new type of mobility device for those who are at risk of falling or need support due to disability, injury, or age. The Zeen offers an adjustable powered lift to help transition between seated position and standing height without the need for motors or batteries.  Its specialized seat and seatbelt provide continuous support throughout the transition from seated to standing, while encouraging a natural walking gait and allowing users to be hands-free for daily tasks.


The Zeen supports a novel hybrid of riding and walking that encourages one's normal gait.  Users can stroll, stride, coast and gracefully sit down and rise back up without having to exit the device.
Pre-adjusted with one's inseam length and desired amount of lift, the Zeen effortlessly raises up to standing, walking and 'barstool' heights and gently lowers to become a comfortable chair; so rehabbing, disabled, or geriatric persons can be safely on their feet and even transition to coasting (or 'Zeening'), while the saddle/seat-belt combo helps reduce the risk of falls.


Mobility devices don't need to look like medical equipment.  Zeen was created to be stylish and pleasing in design and function; and 'Zeening' can help users stay active and encourage overall wellness.  Studies show that being upright is beneficial for cardiac, circulatory, muscular, digestive, and even psychological fitness—since one can remain comfortably eye-to-eye in social situations.



The First in a New Category

  • The architecture supports the user from behind, allowing frontal access to get up close to work surfaces (high and low), and permitting close interaction / unobstructed access to people and the world.  Our customers reportedly swing golf clubs, play pool and dance while being supported by the Zeen. (Watch this example)
  • Being supported by the combination of the saddle and seatbelt at all times (both seated and standing) provides security and confidence for users to maintain daily their activities.  We have heard from customers that the Zeen is as much of an exercise device as it is a lifestyle device—allowing them to keep physically active.
  • The proprietary lifting mechanism was derived from the Steadicam camera stabilization technology (another invention from our co-founder and CEO, Garrett Brown).  Considerable time and attention was spent on this lifting development in order to achieve a comfortable lift force profile for users, all while being adjustable for weights between 50lbs and 250lbs.
  • Throughout the development we questioned why do medical devices need to look so institutional?  We purposely designed the Zeen to have an athletic, desirable appearance that users would be proud to ride. 
  • The Zeen encourages people to safely coast in order to get places faster and use less energy.  And by the way—it's fun!
  • Since the Zeen is so new to many people, the product is offered with a two-week in-home trial with purchase. The trial gives new, unsure Zeeners a chance to try the Zeen in their home environments.

Happy Zeeners Share Their Story

There are hundreds of Zeens being used daily by customers all over the country.  The feedback has been incredible:

"It has been amazing — I am able to walk and stand up straight without the fear of falling. I know that whenever I needed a few minutes to rest, I have a seat right behind me."

"It has completely changed my ability and desire to walk. I'm also doing exercises with it to strengthen my core. I feel like everyday I'm actively doing something to make my MS better which makes me feel empowered and much happier."

"His smile is just different.  It's like he's experiencing a whole new world!"


Zeen at the Abilities Expo

The Zeen has been exhibiting at the Abilities Expo since the product's debut. The Abilities Expo booth gives local communities around the country experience the Zeen firsthand. Check out this highlight reel of people trying the Zeen at the expo. For the 2023 Ft. Lauderdale Abilities Expo, the Zeen will be presenting at Booth 329 offering demos and answers to any questions you may have.

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