Record-breaking Athlete to Launch Wheelchair Stunt Video Game

By Trevor "Trevair" Snowden, Trevair Designs

Not even my snowboarding accident two decades ago could quash my love for extreme sports. Since then, I've set world records, founded Trevair Design and created custom suspension wheelchairs that are used in the exciting sports of Wheelchair MotoCross (WCMX) and Wheelchair SuperCross (WCSX). What else can I do to promote these exciting sports and support my fellow extreme wheelchair athletes? You guessed it—video games!

Popular Wheelchair Stunt Mobile App to Upgrade to X-Box Game

Trevair's Pro Wheelchair Stunt mobile app which I created in 2016 has received rave reviews from within and outside the disability community as the "coolest wheelchair video game ever." I made this game to enjoy yourself and visualize your tricks in real life, but it is just a small tease of what I really want to create.

Stunt Video Game

I want take this idea to the NEXT LEVEL! I'm planning to create the ultimate video game that will feature wheelchair athletes who have set and broke world records and "you" executing extreme stunts. I've enlisted the expertise of professional game developer Snyder Harrison of WadenCane Game Studios and together we'll remaster the mobile app with improved physics, scootairs and characters to create a video game that you won't be able to tear yourself away from.

I've launched a Kickstarter campaign to support this massive effort and invite you to join us in creating an epic gaming experience. We are developing this game for the Xbox One, but if we reach our stretch goal, we will also create a version for PlayStation (PS4).

Stunt Video Game

Play a Character in Trevair's Pro Wheelchair Stunt

To show our gratitude to our supporters, we have stellar rewards that include game downloads, posters, race jerseys and even the new 2018 Trevair Wheelchair! Are you a musician? Send an mp3 of your professional recording along with your pledge and we'll get it into the game soundtrack files.

Perhaps you would like an appearance in the game? Some pledges will put the virtual you in the audience, while others will put you square in the rider's seat, competing in the races and freestyle contests.

Stunt Video Game

Our most committed supporters will receive one of the 20 exclusive pre-launch units of the 2018 Trevair Wheelchair along with the game itself and all other rewards.

Joins us and show the world that there is no limitation and what YOU can do!

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