Wheelchair 88: In Search of "The Best Wheelchair"

By Jolene Montgomery

Cy smiles when I ask the question that apparently everybody asks. “That’s what everyone wants to know,” he replies as I look at all of the different wheelchairs that Wheelchair 88 offers for sale and ask him which one is best. “There isn’t one that is best, only one that is best for YOU.”

The soft-spoken Cy Cheung, CEO of Wheelchair 88, takes me on a rapid tour of the dozen or more types of wheelchairs that the company offers. It is obvious that he can do more than just describe the chairs, he wants to explain and educate the end-user about all of their options.

Wheelchair 88

Does Your Wheelchair Offer You More Life?

“Let me tell you a story.” CY continues as he points out two very different wheelchairs. “A woman comes in, pushing her husband in a transport manual wheelchair. He is slumped over, not participating. Her phone rings, and she walks away to answer it, leaving her husband staring at the wall, unable to go anywhere or see anything by himself.”

“Now if she wants her husband to get better,” CY continues, pointing out the Draco, a compact power wheelchair that I can tell has a standing feature and lots more, “we put him in this wheelchair. With one finger he can drive himself to see what he is interested in. While she is on the phone he can go up to a standing position, come back down, go into a full recline, take a nap, he can live his life, not just stare at a wall waiting for someone to move him to the next spot he doesn’t want to go.”

And at the same time he is getting healthier. By standing he is reducing his risk of bedsores, high blood pressure and obesity. He is helping his muscle tone, circulation and digestion. And even more than that, by changing position he can change his options. He isn’t confined in his wheelchair completely dependent on someone else. So his mental attitude is helped, too.”

Wheelchair 88

“That’s what our wheelchairs can do.” He looks back at me and smiles. “Which one is the best? It’s the one that fits you best and offers you more life. Right?”


For more on Wheelchair 88, visit www.wheelchair88.com. You can also meet them in person in Booth #900 at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo and at the 2016 Expos all around the country.

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