How Waking Up to Light Can Improve Health

By James Baker,

TThe Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up light is one of the most advanced alarm clocks that you will ever own. Rather than waking you up to an annoying alarm sound, the Wake-Up Light uses a natural method for waking you up that involves light instead of sound. Once the alarm reaches the specific time that you set it for, a light will turn on.

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Help Manage Hormone Levels by Mimicking Natural Light

This light will then gradually get brighter as the minutes go by until it is bright enough to wake you up. What the Wake-Up Light is doing is simulating a sunrise as if you were outside in your natural habitat. This will reduce the number of sleep hormones in your body because the increasing light will naturally tell your body that it is morning and it is time to wake up.

The amount of melatonin, which are your body's sleep hormones, can be controlled with the Wake-Up Light by giving you the lowest level of melatonin in the morning and the highest level at night. Because of this, you will get a better night's sleep than you ever have in your whole life. In addition to a balance in your melatonin levels, you will also experience a balance in your cortisol levels. Cortisol is the name of the steroid hormones in your body which reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar levels, improve memory and boost metabolism.

Wake up Lights: Mimicking Natural Light

As a result of all these benefits, you will feel more energetic throughout the rest of the day and your body will naturally be able to heal itself and stay healthy.

To use the Wake-Up Light, you just set the alarm time at night like you would with any ordinary alarm clock. The current time can be seen on a visual display in the middle of the light. Once that alarm strikes, the light around the display will turn on and then continue to get brighter. It is completely safe to use and has no UV lighting whatsoever. As a bonus, you can choose to set pleasant alarm sounds if you want too. 

As good as the Wake-Up Light is for your physical health, it can also improve your mental health as well. Many people with mood disorders, such as mood swings and depression, have indicated that the Wake-Up Light is actually therapeutic for treating these conditions. When they wake up in the morning, there is no loud alarm sound causing them stress. Instead, they can wake up in peace to a rising light which represents the start of a new day. What can be more positive and joyful than that?

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