Affordable Wireless Remote Turns on Lamps and More

By Barbara & Jim Twardowski

TTurning on a light switch is impossible for me because my fingers are weak from a neuromuscular disease. If you have difficulties doing this simple task, there's a new product that makes it easy and affordable to turn on lights and more.  

The TUDIA Cous Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet comes with two remote controls and five small outlet plugs. I use one remote to operate three lamps in my living room and the other for two lamps in my bedroom.

Tudia Cous Wireless Remote

Easy-to-Install Wireless Remote Drastically Improves Daily Living

The Cous is also handy for wheelchair users who struggle to control lights and other devices in hard to reach spots. I'm going to buy another Cous to turn on the lights inside my china cabinet and for our Christmas tree.

Installing the TUDIA Cous is easy:

  1. Pop the 12 volt batteries into the remotes (provided with the product)
  2. Put the 5 Cous outlet receivers in your wall sockets
  3. Plug the lamp or other devices into each Cous outlet
  4. Manually turn the lamp or other device on (only necessary during installation)
  5. Push the button on the remote to turn the lamp or other devices "On" and "Off"

The compact remote can operate up to five devices from 100 feet away through walls, floors and closed doors.

Tudia Cous Wireless Remote

The Cous will not be featured at the next Abilities Expo DC Metro, but you can find it on Amazon.

About the authors:

Barbara and Jim Twardowski are freelance writers specializing in disability and travel topics. Their articles can be seen in AAA Home & Away, Global Traveler, Quest and many other outlets.  

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