Achieving Barrier-free Access in Toronto

By Marilyn Wetston


visit to the Total Access Centre dispels the myths around accessibility and accessible products. With a small gallery of accessible rooms, it demonstrates how special access features can add to an individual's quality of life and property values.

The Strategy of Accessible Renovation

Often people come and see TAC and say, "If only I'd known about this before…"

For example, we meet individuals who have renovated their bathroom beautifully only to find out later that it will not accommodate their current special needs or be useful as their condition declines. We are committed to the motto, "Do it once, do it right." 

Total Access: Man in Wheelchair on easy incline

To assure this happens, we get fully acquainted with our clients and their needs and then develop a plan of action that enables them to achieve their goals. Often they are people who have a desire to stay comfortable and safe in their home regardless of challenges they have or may encounter. Other times, forward-thinking businesses are interested in upgrading their locations so that they are fully accessible.

We pride ourselves in making the TAC experience a personal one to ensure that our customers don't just get what they want, they get what they need. We guide them toward the best course of action so they can achieve their goals with no regrets.

We pay special attention to detail. When a client asks a question or has a unique need, we seek throughout the world to find the best solution for them and then explain their options.

We continually update our supply lists so that the best innovations are part of what we offer. New items on the market place are vetted and then become part of the Total Access Centre repertoire.

Our strength is that we are small enough to hear our clients and address their individual needs efficiently.

Total Home Safety Check Gives the Big Picture

A Total Home Safety Check is recommended to identify hazards and problems involving accessibility, as well as provide solutions going forward.

Total Access: Man in Wheelchair on easy incline

Our goal is to make a better world by improving quality of life at home and work. To see our unique products and creative solutions, join us at the Abilities Expo Toronto, January 19-21, or call (416) 546-1000.

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