TiFit: If It Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Sit

What’s the first thing TiLite engineers do when designing your custom, made-to-measure wheelchair? They remove the wheelchair from the equation.

“OK, what?!?” you ask.

No worries, the wheelchair does figure in later; but first, it’s all about you. TiLite’s philosophy is to focus not only on your physical characteristics, but also on your goals, your dreams, your abilities, your interests and your well-being. They consider this big-picture thinking about how to maximize your individual potential as crucial to the successful design of your wheelchair frame.

That’s TiFit.

 “When I think of TiFit, I think of my functionality, how I use a chair and how my chair fits me like a prosthetic device,” said TiLite wheelchair user Jim Munson. “People that have a chair that fits them perfectly…they’re more functional, they’re more active, they’re more able to enjoy everything.”

Tilite Wedding

According to the company’s philosophy, “at the heart of every TiFit wheelchair lives the demands of the person living life to the fullest.” Every piece of information about you allows TiLite to fine-tune the chair’s geometry so that it is able to advance your comfort, efficiency and function.

Tilite Skyline Wheelchair

Angela Rockwood, one of the stars of Sundance Channel’s award-winning, stereotype-shattering docu-series Push Girls, appreciates the sense of freedom her TiLite wheelchair gives her.

“What I love most about my Aero Z is that when I'm in it I feel free,” she explained. “It's that feeling of independence that I can't get anywhere else!”

“I want the best possible chair for me—and when I say best I mean the best in everything—the fit, the feel, the look, and the ride. That's why I chose TiLite. Every aspect of my Aero Z was made to my exact measurements. It's like having a designer dress fitted just for me,” said Angela.

Angela from Push Girls in TiLite Wheelchair

Since the first TiLite chair came on the scene more than a decade ago, this TiFit customization process in combination with the use of superior titanium and aluminum materials have catapulted its success.

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