Sockabu Convertible Toeless Socks Solve Sensory Challenges

By Ericka Polanco Webb, Sinking Heels of Motherhood

Stepping into the new year for many of us is full of resolutions, promises and host goals we have set for the year. However, with the company Sockabu, they have given this catchphrase a new meaning.

Sockabu is a convertible toeless sock allowing children and adults to utilize the natural traction of their toes by a seamless flap that allows the sock to be opened or closed-toe. Created by a mom and Good Morning America TV Journalist, Abbie Boudreau, she wanted to solve a problem her child was facing, and it happened to be the comfort of accessing his toes. Thereafter, Sockabu was born and has taken an interesting twist on being perfect for children and adults who wear orthotics and who have sensory sensitivities and other special needs. 

Toeless Socks

Special Needs Kids Enjoy the Comfort of Socks without Disruption of Seams

With its breathable, stretchy material and snuggly fit, the socks are great for individuals that wear AFOs and other orthotics. More fashionably speaking, for those that wear AFOs and are pained with skipping out on exposed toe shoes, now have a solution. These socks keep the foot completely covered and allows the toe flap of the socks to be opened or closed. This feature gives the individual the comfort they need on demand.

Sockabu Socks
Maintaining its original intent, these socks are also great for children with sensory sensitivities. Some children are annoyed by the seams of socks and the texture begins to cause sensory disruption in some children. With Sockabu, the individual has the ability to feel the comfort of their socks without the disruption of the seams rubbing against their toes, causing a sensory breakdown of frustration.

Dr. David Soomekh, foot and ankle specialist and surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA.  agrees, “I think this is a changer for parents of children with special needs because they don’t have to be frustrated with the whole sock situation.” He continues to share, “Kids with special needs often don’t have the same amount of receptors or don't listen to them the same way so, any help they can get from sensation is helpful for them.” Solidifying the conversation as well, Pediatrician Dr. Daphne Hirsh shares, “I support things that will provide comfort to the child.” 

Sockabu is a game-changer and while initially created for kiddos, the brand has expanded its transitional sock to adult sizes as well; featuring a compression sock added to the collection. As a parent of a special needs child and toddlers myself, I completely understand the struggles that arise with wearing socks. I was immediately intrigued as a parent because I understand the complexities of wearing sandals with AFOs and other orthotics. I equally understand the frustrations children feel when their toes rub against seams of the socks. The creation of Sockabu is an example of moms seeing a problem and solving it. Step into the New Year with a sock that provides comfort for your entire family of all abilities.

About the Author:

Ericka Polanco Webb is a motherhood blogger, content creator and an advocate for all things Motherhood. She has a Masters degree in business and a passion for inspiring mothers to challenge the system and find purpose and community along their journey. When she is not writing or taking care of the children, she freelances as a digital media consultant and serial entrepreneur. She's a wife and mother to five children of which one teen has cerebral palsy. Connect with her via Instagram @sinkingheelsofmotherhood

Girl Wearing Toeless Socks

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