SleepSafe Beds: Good Night, Sleep Safe!

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The design and construction of SleepSafe Beds is top-notch and, at first glance, you would not expect something so stylish to have all the functionality of a hospital bed. But it does.

Custom-designed and built with care for people with physical and cognitive disabilities, SleepSafe Beds is the answer to every exhausted caregiver's prayers. Parents like Barbara Saunders love the feeling of security as they tuck their little one into bed. "We are so excited that our son has a safe place to sleep and we don't have to worry about him at night anymore," she said.

With the safety of the individual with special needs as the prime motivator, SleepSafe Beds:

  • Guard against falls with its full-length safety rails that come in three different heights to accommodate multiple needs. These rails contain shatter-proof windows and can be easily folded down and removed.

  • Prevent entrapment. The FDA has defined 7 zones of entrapment involving hospital bed side rails and SleepSafe Beds and meticulously addressed them all, exceeding all hospital safety guidelines. A major culprit with traditional hospital beds has been the gap between the mattress and the side, headboard or footboard. SleepSafe Beds mattresses fit snuggly into the frame, eliminating these dangerous gaps and keeping your loved ones safe.

  • Promote the comfort and health of the person with special needs with an articulating bed frame that include high/low features. This is especially helpful to the caregiver (and his or her back) in changing diapers, transferring their loved ones out of bed, etc.

  • SleepSafe Beds will match any décor and come in oak, maple, cherry, mahogany and every color of the rainbow.

In recent years, they have also expanded their product offering and introduced their Assured Comfort beds, the "Ultimate Adjustable Bed." Made for everyone to promote comfort and wellness, these beds can also be equipped with safety options.

Apple West
The mission of SleepSafe is not just to provide outstanding products, but also to serve their customers with honesty, integrity and credibility. What is unique and refreshing is that this is truly indicative of the organizational culture. Each quarter, they go above and beyond to support the community by giving away a custom SleepSafe Bed.

And if that wasn't enough, grab a tissue box and read all about Alex, an adorable little boy with Cerebral Palsy, who walked hands-free for the first time at Abilities Expo. You just can't help tearing up, especially when you find out how SleepSafe co-owners Joe Hallock and Gregg Weinschrieder changed this child's life forever!

For more on the different products offered by SleepSafe Beds to ensure the safe slumber of your loved ones, click here. "Good night, sleep safe."

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