Handizap's Sixth Digit Aid the Other Five

Handizap LogoFurther proof that it doesn't have to break the bank to be just the assistive technology you need, introducing Handizap's Sixth Digit designed to improve computer operation for those with hand dexterity issues.

The Invention of the Sixth Digit

Josh Smith and Jeff RhoadesOn August 23, 2014, Josh Smith dove into a wave at Virginia Beach, hitting a sandbar with such force that it caused a burst fracture of his C-5 vertebrate. Instantly he became a quadriplegic due to the damage caused to his spinal cord. After undergoing surgery at a local trauma hospital, he was transferred six days later to a rehabilitation center in Atlanta, Georgia.

While in rehab, Josh was given assistive technology to help him use his cellphone and computer. However, he found that with the wrist stylus, he needed continued assistance to be able to use it. Also, the voice recognition software for his laptop reacted adversely to background noises and did not allow him to be able to listen to music while using it.

With a background in mechanical engineering, Josh began to think of ways he could work on his laptop without voice recognition software. His job as a manager/project estimator required him to do extensive work on the computer. Thus Josh was very driven to find a solution to his problem. After much thought, he came up with the idea of what he aptly named the Sixth Digit. The Sixth Digit is an adjustable ring stylus and currently there is no other product like it on the market.

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His first prototype of the Sixth Digit was a ring pop with an eraser head on it. He would use two of them, one on each pinky, to be able to type. This led him to constantly tweak his invention so it could be used to type, push buttons, use on touchscreen devices, and wear it while pushing a manual wheelchair. He also realized the need for his invention to cover a wide variety of sizes. His current design is adjustable and enables an individual with a size 3 to size 15 finger to use it.

Sixth Digit Helps Launch New Enterprise

In March 2015, Josh started a business called Handizap. Though it was initially created to market the Sixth Digit, Josh has plans on inventing other products for those with not only limited hand function but other disabilities as well. You can find the Sixth Digit on his website at www.Handizap.com and on his Facebook page.

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Josh's motto in rehab was "stop wishing and start doing." He has epitomized that motto throughout his life and with the invention of the Sixth Digit. With the estimated arrival of his first shipment to be around mid-September 2015, Josh believes the global interest that the Sixth Digit has already generated will continue to grow. He looks forward to his invention making life easier for others as it has for him.

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For more on the Handizap's Sixth Digit, visit www.Handizap.com.

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