SHARE Foundation Creates Residential Communities Rooted in Love

By Heather Ames, The SHARE Foundation

My name is Heather Ames, and I am the Director of Development, at The SHARE Foundation. I can tell you that I have found a fulfillment at SHARE, in my career that I have always been lacking. I instantly gained 30 new family members with our Villagers here. Our friends are the most genuine and kind-hearted people I have ever met. Their smiles brighten my day, and their pure innocence and personalities lighten up every room they walk in.

The SHARE Foundation was founded nearly 40 years ago by Father Blaney. Since the 1970's Fr. Blaney dedicated his life to making SHARE a reality. He knew that his work must be extended into the general community to serve those in need, regardless of their religious affirmation. In 1982 SHARE Foundation was founded. We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for our visionary and founder.

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SHARE Residential Living Serves Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Our foundation has grown immensely in those years. We currently have residential and camp programs that service adults with developmental disabilities.

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Sharing Meadows consists of five villages. Each village is comprised of three homes, with each being inhabited by two Villagers and a live-in steward. The Villagers have very full lives where they adhere to daily work schedules that alternate their vocational training between ceramics, loom work, landscaping and more. Our foundation is located on 185 acres of property that not only is beautiful but solidifies our economic future by yielding resources for goods and food for our Villagers.

We are a private organization and not government funded in any way. We continue to operate because of the incredible support of our partners, sponsors, donors, and our own fundraising events and efforts. We host events throughout the year, such as our Spring Luncheon, Annual Golf Outing, Leprechaun Hunt, and our Gala. (With more coming in the near future.)

Group of campers at Share Foundation

At SHARE, our mission is simple. Our mission is to provide residential living, services & support programs for other-abled adults in a peaceful & loving community. We accomplish this mission through recognizing, respecting, and providing for the uniqueness of each individual. Our tagline that states, "SHARE, Where Community is Rooted in Love" couldn't be more true. With over 5,000 black walnut trees that have matured, we are "rooted in love." That is what makes us completely different than other organizations like ours. We are not here for a paycheck. We are here because we have a passion and love for our friends. Bill Harmon, Executive Director, tells us, "Don't think of SHARE as a job that you "have" to do. We "get" to work here." It is a privilege and a lifestyle that we all embrace.

We welcome you to The SHARE Foundation. We encourage you to visit our website and reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

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You can visit our website at You can reach me at 219.778.2585 or email me at We also look forward to meeting you in person in in booth #415 at Abilities Expo Chicago, June 25-27.

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