Sensory Rooms are Popping up Everywhere!

Whether used independently by individuals or families at home, in a public venue or facilitated by teachers or therapists in schools or treatment settings, multi-sensory environments, sensory gyms and sensory classrooms offer effective ways to calm and relax, or stimulate exploration, learning and development. FlagHouse sensory rooms help people who have sensory processing disorder, cognitive and learning disabilities to process the world around them.

Sensory Rooms

Sensory Environments Key to Fully Engage a Child

More than ever, educational professionals and therapists recognize the need for interactive sensory environments to help students pay attention, learn and develop. Students need opportunities to move and get revved up. Rocking, jumping, bouncing or just plain fidgeting helps work their minds AND muscles—burning off energy while strengthening motor skills and focus. Just as important are pockets of tranquility to calm down and de-escalate—to reduce stress and anxiety.

Our experience shows that the most effective sensory classrooms provide a variety of equipment options to address five key sensory impact elements—we call these The Core 5:

  1. Energizing: Get kids up and moving—to activate body and mind!
  2. Active Seating: Why "sit still" when rocking and bouncing help strengthen core and sharpen focus?
  3. Swinging: Swings provide essential vestibular movement. It's a core component of sensory integrative therapy and a fun and calming activity that can help children achieve developmental milestones.
  4. Balancing: Building age-appropriate balance and coordination allows students to participate more fully and successfully.
  5. Calming: Invoking multiple senses can reduce stress and anxiety for improved learning and performance.

Therapy Swings Enhance Development

Haley's Joy® innovative vestibular therapy swing frames and attachments are compact, portable, versatile and safe.

Sensory Room Example

  • Great for use in schools, clinics, treatment centers or in-home.
  • Quick and easy set-up and break-down; no installation or tools required!
  • Durable lightweight; stores easily
  • View Haley's Joy Therapy Swings at FlagHouse

"Haley's Joy has become my go-to piece of equipment to use with a variety of my clients. As an occupational therapist working in both school and home settings, its portability as well as the various ways it can meet my client's needs makes it a favorite of mine," said Dr. Laura Bejot, director of therapeutic services at New Jersey's CTC Academy. "I work with children with all different types of disabilities and I can utilize the swing with all of them. Whether it is part of a sensory diet plan for vestibular input for children with autism, or a way to work on postural and balance issues with students with cerebral palsy, Haley's Joy is a great piece of equipment that can be used by therapists as well as family members."

Thinking about Creating Your Own Sensory Room?

What kind of space do YOU have? A classroom? playroom? A hallway? Whether your room is large or small, if you're just getting started or ready to expand, whatever your budget—FlagHouse can help! Visit us at Abilities Expo New York Metro in Booth #1316. You can also enter to win a free JennSwing® ADA Swing Seat!

Sensory Room Example

About FlagHouse:

FlagHouse is a provider of quality equipment and products bringing three generations worth of experience and solutions, serving PE, Recreation, Education and Special Needs—since 1954.

They are a pioneer of inclusiveness, bringing together special products and singular expertise in Sensory Solutions and other adaptations for human development, health and well-being. They support active, healthy, joyful and more independent living—for people of all ages and abilities! If you are considering a sensory room, contact FlagHouse Sensory Consulting at (800) 265-6900 or visit their site to learn how they can help you build a sensory room. And check out The FlagHouse Sensory Channel on YouTube.

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