Finding Expo as Child Shapes a Life and Career

By Scott Stone

The Abilities Expo has been around for four decades, providing services and solutions to the disability community in an effort to build independence and open eyes to even greater possibilities. While many attendees visit with the intention to purchase equipment and receive education, others are inspired to find their purpose and passions in life.

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Ki Mobility's Rene Szalay Shares his Journey in Latest Abilities Expo #AbleToLove Video

Enter Rene Szalay, teenager living with Cerebral Palsy. In 1984, his father, engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company, was committed to making him mobile so he could experience all that life had to offer. He and René would self-engineer mobility solutions until he found the Abilities Expo.

From the moment he experienced the expo, he felt a calling to be a contributor in the industry as he felt a calling and a place amongst the individuals in this community. Now 35 years later, Rene works for Ki Mobility and prides himself on his work and opportunity to help people. "My favorite part of my job is I build relationships," and his reputation proceeds him for all those he's helped over the course of his career. In this installment of #AbleToLove, we learn more about Rene and his passions to help people.

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