Reeve Foundation Leads the Pack in Resources and Support for People with Paralysis

By Rita Gentles, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

WThe Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation provides a National Paralysis Resource Center (NPRC) that offers a wide range of FREE programs, resources and support systems for those affected by paralysis.

The pulse of the NPRC is our Information Specialists who are trained to help anyone—from newly-paralyzed individuals and their family members to persons who have lived with paralysis for quite some time—as they attempt to navigate their changing world and the services available to them. We pull from a wide array of information and expertise to devise personalized plans and approaches to get individuals living with paralysis back into their communities quickly and a place of well-being.

Reeve Foundation

Grants, Support Groups, Equipment Advice and More for SCI/D Community

The breadth and depth of our knowledge and connections span multiple languages, everything from what to expect in rehab to the best equipment exchange programs and peer support networks. The National Paralysis Resource Center services include:

  • Quality of Life Grants Program for non-profit programs and projects geared towards fostering inclusion, involvement, and community engagement while promoting health and wellness for those impacted by paralysis.
  • The Peer & Family Support Program, which enables peer-to-peer support via trained and certified mentors.
  • The Military & Veterans Program is designed to support the unique needs of current service members and veterans, regardless of when they served or how their injury was obtained.
  • Paralysis Resource Guide is an all-encompassing publication that details conditions that cause paralysis, secondary conditions caused by paralysis, as well as information on adaptive sports, caregiving and so much more.
  • Virtual Support Groups offered by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation provide the opportunity to connect with other community members that understand and relate to what you may be going through, offering support groups specific to individuals with quadriplegia, paraplegia, as well as family members and caregivers.
  • Annual Reeve Summit touches on topics and themes relevant to the paralysis community. It gives everyone a chance to hear from key thought leaders, field experts and individuals who have an extraordinary impact on the lives of people with paralysis and related disabilities.

Reeve Foundation

For all this information and more, please visit our website——or visit us at our booth at the Chicago Abilities Expo, June 24-26, 2022 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center. 

Reeve Foundation

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