Redman Power Chair: Hail to the Chief

Redman Power Chair will exhibit at Abilities Expo Los Angeles March 6-8, 2015.

For more than two decades, the Redman family's company—Redman Power Chair—has focused their considerable expertise on one product. As a result, their Chief—the culmination of their technological know-how—goes where no standard power wheelchair has gone before.

One of the most complete body positioning systems on the market today, the Chief 107-ZRx combines form and function to provide the best possible range of motion—standing, reclining, tilting and stretching.

The Chief's Overall "Abilities"

Redman Chief Power Wheelchair

Position-Ability:  Mechanically, the Chief can achieve a full range of positions, but can you? Armrests and lateral supports stay with you for support when you move with the chair.

Blend-Ability:  Up, down, back, forward—your Chief can not only go in many directions, it can blend the directions to get you where you want to go.

Flex-Ability:  Stand tall to reach that upper cabinet, sit-down and fit neatly under that table, move the armrests if they are in your way…the Chief adjusts to work for you.

Stretch-Ability:  Stretching promotes health and the Chief will help you work out the kinks from your lower back to your heel cords

Depend-Ability:  Their singular focus on perfecting one wheelchair over the course of more than 20 years has paid off in reliability. Just ask their repeat customers.

Drive-Ability:  Good speed, maneuverability and gravity compensation ensure safe driving in any position.

What can you do in your Redman Power Chair?


Get Around on the Ranch

Reach the Top Cabinet While Navigating Small Spaces




And more!

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