Do You Have Your Get-Out-of-High-Priced-Prescriptions Free Card?

Many of us have busy schedules filled with work, school, recreation and family activities. These commitments are enjoyable, but can also be tiring and expensive when combined with regular monthly bills and responsibilities. Pharmacy costs can add up especially quickly, and if multiple members of your family require monthly prescriptions, it can become financially overwhelming. To help alleviate this stress, nationwide SSDI advocacy and Medicare decision support firm, The Advocator Group, offers a free prescription savings card to anyone interested with absolutely no fees or obligations.

Prescription Card Equals Free Savings

RX Card

The savings card is provided by the RxCut Pharmacy Savings Program and it's not just for the insurance-challenged. Everyone—even those fortunate enough to carry health insurance—can utilize this free benefit! Savings can reach up to 85% per FDA prescription medication, and this applies to pet meds as well!

If you do have health insurance with a generic copay of $10.00 or greater, simply hand your card to the pharmacist and ask them to compare insurance prices with those from the RxCut card—but make sure to do this for each medication since savings could vary significantly. No matter what, you will be provided with the absolute lowest price at the pharmacy, whether it comes from your insurance copay (if applicable), the pharmacy retail price or the prescription savings card.

To maximize your potential savings, visit, click "find the lowest price" and search for the lowest price available on your prescriptions at pharmacies in your area.

Just one example of the tremendous savings card users have experienced is seen in a transaction that occurred earlier this month One happy discount card-carrying individual saved $174, or 77%, off of the retail price for their prescription! And this is not one a one-time deal; rather, customers experience these savings each time they go back to the pharmacy and present their card!

This story could be yours. Just print your own card right at home and then head to the pharmacy to see what you could save! If you have questions about this benefit, would like to share how the card has helped you, or want to request a laminated card, please email

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