EZ-Access Introduces New Portable Ramp

By Barbara & Jim Twardowski, RN

When my new friend, Monique, invited us to attend a holiday party at her home, my first concern was about accessibility. Are there steps to the front door? If so, how many and how high? What is the width of the door? How big is the porch? Is there an alternate entrance to the home? After a brief discussion with Monique, I realized my three foot long portable ramp would not be sufficient to navigate the four steps up to her large back deck and through the doorway. Living in the New Orleans area, I frequently encounter raised homes and had been contemplating buying a longer ramp.

Portable Ramp from EZ Access

My Quest for Better Access

I began searching for ramps online and found the Suitcase Singlefold GF (Graphite Fiber). The ramp was introduced to consumers last fall. Made by EZ-ACCESS, the company says it is the lightest folding ramp in the industry. It comes in five sizes ranging from 29 to 82 inches long and weighing between 7.5 to 21 pounds. I ordered the biggest size they make.

My new 6 foot 8 inch ramp only weighs 21 pounds. That is amazing when compared to my old 3 foot metal ramp which weighs 20 pounds. 

Portable Ramp from EZ Access

Because I have weak hands, my family members or friends carry my ramp and set it up for me. The new ramp is so light my neighbor’s10-year-old daughter can assist me.  Despite the length of the ramp, it can be tucked at an angle inside my wheelchair accessible minivan. The ramp folds in half for transporting and storage. The ergonomically designed handle makes carrying it more comfortable.

The Suitcase Singlefold (GF) is designed to support up to 650 pounds. The gray slip-resistent coating provides good traction for my 250 pound power wheelchair. Another feature I hadn’t seen on other ramps is bright yellow striping on both sides of the ramp to aid visibility.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Last year, EZ-ACCESS began offering a lifetime warranty on all its ramps. I’m so impressed with this product, I plan to replace my smaller metal ramp with the oh-so-much-more-portable Suitcase Singlefold (GF).

EZ-ACCESS sells the ramps through distributors. To learn more about the product or vendors, visit their website www.ezaccess.com.

About the authors:

Barbara and Jim Twardowski are freelance writers specializing in disability and travel topics. Their articles can be seen in AAA Home & Away, Global Traveler, Quest and many other outlets.  

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