There’s Nothing Quite Like Riding an Omeo

Using the best of balance technology, the Omeo provides movement through active body engagement. Leaning your body controls direction, speed and braking—increasing enjoyment and motivation to participate in activities of daily life. In essence, the Omeo gives users body language in a social setting and moving within a crowd becomes very easy and comfortable.

Impressive Mobility with a Cool Factor of 10

The powerful two-wheeled platform means you travel over uneven terrain and scale inclines, while always remaining level in your seat—giving you access to beaches, forests, tracks and pathways that would not be practical foremost other personal mobility devices.

Omeo is freedom and excitement. It is smaller, lighter and faster than most other powered mobility devices but, more importantly, users feel the Omeo has the cool factor that has been missing.

“If you can remember back to when you first learned to ride a bike and got the training wheels off, and you first felt the freedom and excitement of riding down the street. Just being free and on your own...that’s what it’s like.” Gretchen Ryan – Omeo User

Riding an Omeo

Owners are engaged in both body and mind-core weight is intuitively shifted in directions to turn and stay in balance. As the Omeo is a skill-based platform, it provides unlimited growth of knowledge and a sense of belonging to a unique community of people all around the world. This is the culture we strive for, a community that comes together, sharing knowledge and encouragement—becoming a family.

“In using the Omeo day to day—as a wheelchair user I get to reshape my daily life. I have more energy to spend on things that I want to do. I’m able to move about my world with subconscious control, which allows me to make other connections—to myself, to the events around me, to people. In this we can feel that we are a positive part of the community.

It's a tool, it's a very capable tool navigating from the trails to the beach into the house and down to work—and at the same time it's fun and satisfying to use.” Marcus Thompson – Omeo User

The Omeo is proudly manufactured in New Zealand and now shipping throughout Canada, the United States of America, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and New Zealand. You can check out Facebook and our Social Media channels for more product details, plus an agent locator can be found on Omeo Technology’s Website, Test drive the Omeo in person at the upcoming Dallas Abilities Expo, December 13-15.


Green and Black Omeo

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