Product Spotlight: BraunAbility MXV Mobility Crossover Vehicle

When you are perusing the aisles of Abilities Expo New York Metro this weekend, don't be surprised if you think you detect a subtle drum roll. It may get stronger as you approach the BraunAbility booth and culminate in an awesome crescendo before the brand-new, much-anticipated, not-even-on-the-market-yet MXV Mobility Crossover Vehicle!

BraunAbility Branches Out Into SUV Conversions

BraunAbility—a legend in accessible vehicles—has been getting the disability community onto the open road for decades. So why all the fanfare? Built on the Ford Explorer chassis, the new MXV is the dawn of the new era in mobility.

BraunAbility MXV Mobility Crossover

Always responsive to its clientele, the company recognized that not everyone in the community is completely at home driving a minivan. BraunAbility's latest creation gives their signature quality and reliability an added rough and tumble feel.

"Many of our customers have been looking for a vehicle that reflects who they are," said BraunAbility's Megan Wegner. "The BraunAbility MXV is an original; it's perfect for the tough, independent and active wheelchair users who want to identify with their vehicle."

BraunAbility MXV Mobility Crossover

After keeping the project under wraps for 18 months, the mobility mogul unveiled it to their dealer network in February and met with resounding approval. Now it's your turn to see the MXV up close and personal at Abilities Expo New York Metro!

MXV Mobility Crossover Vehicle: Form, Meet Function

It's not just the vehicle that is new; the MXV has also introduced accessibility features and innovations the likes of which have not been seen.

The patents are still pending on four of these advancements, including a revolutionary glide-out door operation and a space-saving sliding shifter. And the roomy interior just got roomier with the lowered floor design, ingenious infloor ramp, removable front seats (both driver and passenger), and fold-flat third row seats. Top that off with an integrated key fob, standard Nerf bar, space-economizing front seat base design and available tow package, and you have the next generation of accessible vehicles.

BraunAbility MXV

Wheelchair users will have the independence, versatility and dependability they expect from BraunAbility, and look amazing rolling around town. Look for the MXV to hit the market this summer!

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