Product Spotlight: MV-1

AM General LLC and Mobility Ventures LLC will exhibit the MV-1 at Abilities Expo Los Angeles March 6-8, 2015.

The MV-1 is the world's first mobility vehicle.

But wait, you say. The MV-1 has not been around nearly as long as the accessible vehicle industry. How can this be?

MV-1 Mobility Car

Simple. Made by Mobility Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of AM General, the MV-1 is the only purpose-built vehicle designed from the ground up to accommodate universal accessibility. The second it rolls of the assembly line, equipped with a power ramp that extends from inside the floor, it already meets or exceeds ADA guidelines.

According to Mobility Ventures Vice President for Sales and Marketing John Walsh, "The MV-1 is the premier accessible vehicle, unmatched in safety and efficiency, meeting the needs of wheelchair passengers like no other vehicle on the road today."

Easily Accessible to Ensure Your Are Rollin' in Style

Consumers can opt for MV-1's Delux or Luxury model and, essentially, you can't go wrong with either transportation solution. Any other vehicle has to be converted from its original design to achieve accessibility, whereas these have people with disabilities in mind from the get-go.

MV-1 Video

"It works great for my family," said Mobility Ventures' Kristina Rhoades. "The MV-1 gives us our independence and our freedom."

The best of both worlds, the MV-1 is built like a truck and rides like a car. Rigorous testing ensures that your new vehicle is the pinnacle of durability and reliability.

MV-1 Car Interior

"We always stuck with full size vans because of their space for cargo and luggage, in addition to a wheelchair (or two). Converted minivans were never appealing because of the amount of space one gives up," said MV-1 owner Job Ehret. "With the MV-1, overall we feel like we have comparable space, and even more space behind the backseat, in comparison to our previous full-size van."

MV-1 Strives to Dominate the Commercial Paratransit Market

With the recent agreement with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) in the New York City metro area which increased the number of MV-1s to 20% of their entire paratransit fleet, MV-1 is well on its way.

Replacing small buses with the MV-1 in the MTA fleet has saved the MTA millions of dollars thanks the MV-1's greater fuel economy and reduced maintenance needs.

The dedicated compressed natural gas fueling option is making MV-1s a preferred choice for commercial accessible vehicles across the country. Companies who take advantage of this option can minimize their operational costs (CNG is less expensive than traditional gasoline), comply with increasing emission requirement and put themselves in the green.

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