Mountain Trike: Who Needs a Beaten Path?

Mountain Trike Company will exhibit at Abilities Expo Los Angeles March 6-8, 2015.

Sandy problem. Snowy hillsides…they got this. Deep mud…not only can you sludge through the muck in your Mountain Trike, your hands stay clean and dry!

The Mountain Trike is a unique all-terrain wheelchair specifically designed for individuals who love the great outdoors and are determined to access it in all its raw and challenging glory.


What Makes the Mountain Trike So Good in the Wild

If you are the type of wheelchair user who detests being cooped up inside, you will love the Mountain Trike's versatility and off-road performance as well as the amazing feeling of freedom and independence it will give you.

The two drive levers and hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent propulsion, control and braking over difficult ground and up steep hills. The drive levers take the effort you put in and magnify it to ensure that you are the master of rough terrain, not the other way around. The unique direct drive steering also means the rider can steer and drive the chair with only one arm, allowing them the freedom to hold hands with a loved one, use the phone, walk the dog, hold a glass of wine at a garden party...the list goes on.

Mountain Trike The All Terrain Wheelchair from Mountain Trike on Vimeo.

Just last fall, Iain Fryatt summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in his Mountain Trike! "Although there were a variety of landscapes the Trike went through, they all had one thing in common… Rocks! At times these sorely tested the mettle of the Mountain Trike, at other times they meant that I had to be pulled, pushed or lifted to get round them. Despite these obstacles the Mountain Trike survived the trek," recalled Fryatt. "Without the Mountain Trike it would not have been possible for me to take part in this adventure which only a few years ago I couldn't even dream of doing."

Of course, mountain climbing is not on everyone's bucket list. But the Mountain Trike will facilitate your everyday outings—family trips to the playground, the kid's soccer game, meandering in the park and more.

The New Mountain Trike Push at Abilities Expo Los Angeles

Not only will the Mountain Trike Company offer special Expo pricing at the Los Angeles show on March 6-8, 2015, they are also showcasing their new Mountain Trike Push, an all-terrain attendant wheelchair or buddy chair.


It has been designed using very similar features to that of the Mountain Trike but, instead of having the unique lever drive system where riders can propel themselves, there is a removable adjustable push handle which is located behind the user. Steering and braking is actually controlled by the rider's buddy. The drive levers have been replaced with adjustable armrests for rider comfort. The MT Push will provide inclusive access to a wide variety of terrain, mud, gravel, grass, snow and uneven pathways, opening up the outdoors for wheelchair users who don't have enough upper body strength to propel themselves.


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