Mobility SVM: The Answer to the Prayers of Truck People Everywhere

When they said that Americans have a love affair with the automobile, they could have been more specific. In the case of quite a few of them, the object of their desire rides higher, is built tougher, can haul more tonnage and can tackle rougher terrains than your average car. These Americans are faithful to their pickup trucks.

Mobility SVM Truck with man exiting through technology.

Mobility SVM (Special Vehicle Manufacturers) understands that if you are a "truck person" at heart, your disability won't change that. They get that, in much the same way a "dog person" will not be truly happy with a feline pet, a "truck person" with a disability will not be truly satisfied driving a modified van.

So they manufacture a full size General Motors truck—GMC and Chevorlet—that is wheelchair accessible from either the driver or passenger side with a unique platform mobility lift. Whether driving or riding shotgun, the wheelchair user can remain in one of the safest places—in his or her chair—at all times without the necessity to transfer. Mobility SVM trucks open doors for people with disabilities to reap the advantages of a full size truck and continue to pursue the outdoor interests that they have always had.

"I was an avid hunter but was not able to deer hunt until I got the truck!" said Mobility SVM truck owner George Reeves. "This vehicle was a real game changer for me."

This revolutionary design began with two friends: one a quadriplegic "truck person" who wasn't happy with his conversion van; the other a mechanical engineer with the know-how to do something about it. Today's Mobility SVM is committed to enhancing the freedom and independence of its drivers, making their desire to maintain an active lifestyle a reality.

One of the major benefits of Mobility SVM is the noticeable absence of the access ramp that you find on many conversion vehicles. When ramps are installed, the floor of the vehicle almost always has to be lowered to allow the wheelchair user headroom. This compromises the underbody which ends up sitting less than 4 inches above the ground, making it more likely to incur damage from speed bumps, pot holes and other road hazards. On the other hand, the Mobility SVM conversion leaves 9½ inches of clearance, making the open road, bad weather and rough terrain considerably more accessible.

Mobility SVM Truck interior.

And what of the scourge of the "close parkers?" They'll crop up when you least expect it and you find yourself stuck in the mall parking lot unable to extend your side entry ramp. Not quite the traditional definition of freedom. Mobility SVM's side door lift actually requires less space that a non-converted open door. Just back your chair in, ride the lift up and you are ready to roll.

Mobility SVM's Worldwide spokeperson Tred Brata—American hunter, outdoorsman and star of the long-running NBC Sports Outdoors show, The Best and Worst of Tred Barta—especially appreciated the convenience and safety of transferring into the truck without transferring to a different chair. His essential supplies stay with him—his customized seat cushion that helps prevent bed sores, urine bag, colostomy supplies, meds, wallet, sunglasses, etc. What's more, his primary wheelchair is not left out in the back of the pick-up exposed to the elements.

"Mobility SVM has saved my life in many ways and has enabled me to do the things I want to do and have done my entire life, hunt fish, ride horses, ski, scuba dive and be in the great outdoors," commented Brata.

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