Lourdes Mack Joins Cast of 'Disney Family Singalong'

By Lourdes Mack

My name is Lourdes Mack, I am 18 years old, I was born with Spina Biffida, and I have had 16 surgeries. I recently had the opportunity to take part in the Disney Family Singalong as a dancer. I had gotten a call from both my agent, and my dance teacher was telling me that Disney had selected me to be a part of this show. My response was immediately, "YES!!"

Lourdes Mack

Wheelchair dancer performs 'Under The Sea' with Jordan Fisher and crew
My mom and I were so excited to begin working on the project. Almost immediately I began receiving emails with instructions on how to film everything, a video teaching me the routine, and with the overall schedule of how things would go. I spent the first day rehearsing the routine.

With help from my dance teacher, Marisa Mamamoto of Infinite Flow Dance – An Inclusive Dance Company, I was able to translate the routine to something that worked best for me. With the help of my mom, we filmed the routine. The whole process took a total of three days.


After the show aired, I started getting messages and shout outs from people. All telling me how much they enjoyed the show and loved to see someone in a wheelchair on TV. One of the most impactful responses to the show has been hearing how many little girls who use a wheelchair were inspired and motivated to go after their own dreams.

Future star at home in the limelight

I've been dancing for five years and I love it. I have met so many amazing people that have now become close friends. Before dance I took part in a lot of musical theatre, from 6-13 years old in local community theatre.

Lourdes Mack on ABC

That was where my love for the arts began. Being on stage I truly felt like I was where I was supposed to be. I wasn't the disabled girl trying to act and be a part of the show, I was just me. When I perform, I feel empowered, strong, confident and brave. People often tell me that I look the happiest when I'm on stage and I can honestly say that is 100% true.

About the Author:

Lourdes Mack is teenage dancer, athlete, actress and musician. She was born with Spina Bifida, uses a wheelchair and lives her life to the fullest. Learn more at http://lourdesmack.com/.

Lourdes Mack on Disney's Hit TV special

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