LEVO USA To Launch Summit EL at Abilities Expo Los Angeles

By Jim Papac, LEVO USA Inc.

LEVO, inventors of the standing wheelchair and celebrating their 40th year in business, has announced the pending release of their latest new product: the Summit EL. This lightweight, manually propelled, power standing wheelchair will be debuted at Abilities Expo Los Angeles.

Summit EL: You Won’t Realize It Can Stand Until It Stands

The Summit EL delivers what consumers have been requesting for years. That is a manual standing wheelchair with the characteristics of an ultralight everyday chair.

Levo Summit EL Wheelchair

For optimal balance between stability and maneuverability, the Summit EL offers a rear axle that is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. It can deliver a center of gravity custom tailored to each client, which allows for some variability in seat angle as well.

Interestingly, people often mistake the Summit EL for just a stylish everyday chair as most of the mechanisms associated with standing are tastefully concealed and hardly noticeable. A very innovative and attractive frame design employs telescoping down posts which are integrated into the main frame front. They articulate to the floor as the chair elevates to provide for stable standing. Another example is the powerful standing actuator with a long lasting and compact rechargeable 24 volt Lithium ion battery.   They are integrated into a single package and hidden under the seat.

Standing is simple, smooth and easy. Housed in the end of the armrest is a simple-to-operate rocker switch. Just press it and, voila, the chair quietly rises to a full standing position so you can reach an object off the shelf or maybe meet someone eye-to-eye. Or, you may choose to pause anywhere along the way at a position most comfortable for you. 

Attractive, padded and height adjustable armrests also double as an upper body restraint, rotating to centerline for forearm support. They are also able to flip up and out of the way clearing the path for transfers.

Adding to the Summit EL’s high tech capabilities, the standing cycle can also be set in motion with your Smartphone as a Bluetooth feature will soon be available.

Already a success in Europe, this extremely lightweight manually propelled/power standing wheelchair is soon to take over this market segment in the states when it is released for sale in a few months.

Standing Levo Summit EL Wheelchair

Continuing on in their role as the "Experts in Standing," Levo boasts the most complete selection of standing wheelchairs in the world. From manually propelled/manual stand, to power driven/power stand, Levo has the product just right for you.

For more on the Summit EL by LEVO USA, visit www.levousa.com. You can also meet them in person in Booth #615 at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo.


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