Let's Read Teaches Kids to Champion Disability Inclusion

Children's books are an essential role in young lives, they not only encourage literacy but influence our minds with creativity and valuable life lessons. Let's Read is an up and coming company created by Author/Illustrator Brenda E. Koch. Educated as an Aboriginal Child Development Practitioner and an active Early Childhood Educator, Brenda has worked and volunteered with children for over 30 years.

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Young Readers Learn Acceptance

For most of her life, Brenda's mother (who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when Brenda was a young girl) lived in a hospital. During their many visits, Brenda became increasingly aware of how people with disabilities are viewed by others. That awareness was the inspiration for her book series, delving into this sensitive but very important topic.

She decided to start writing and illustrating books for children hoping to nurture an appreciation and understanding of our differences as well as our similarities. Let's Read's mission statement is "Look at what we can do, not what we can't do!"

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Her first two books, Let's Play and Let's Go follow Bobby, a young boy who sometimes uses his prosthetic to walk around and other times uses his wheelchair; yet demonstrates that he can do all the activities that young children do. He helps young readers understand what it's like to live with a disability and shows how we are all just people and we can all be friends. Everyone is unique!

Stay tuned for more books from Let's Read! The next edition to the series will focus on the difficult topic of bullying and aims to educate children about what bullying is, how it effects people and what children can do when they experience it. Look forward to new book launching in late 2019, early 2020.

Come meet Brenda at Abilities Expo Toronto at booth #329! You can find her books on Amazon, iTunes, Friesen Press Bookstore and more!

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