Below Knee Amputees Get Huge Mobility Boost with Knee KRUTCH

By Ben Parker, Knee KRUTCH

TThe Knee KRUTCH is a device that increases mobility for amputees. It is the lightweight, sleek and durable knee crutch you have always wanted. We hand-built it in Texas for amputees and persons with lower extremity Injuries. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, the KRUTCH is built to last and very durable.

If you are a below knee amputee, you will use the KRUTCH every day for the rest of your life.

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Adaptable Knee KRUTCH System Revolutionizes Wellbeing for BKAs

We are a small collective of driven individuals who aim is to improve mobility and increase quality of life across the globe. We are currently assisting patients with their mobility needs in Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador and the United States. In addition, we provide clinical support to prosthetists and physical therapists when they need a substitute for a wheelchair or arm crutch system.

The objective of the Knee KRUTCH is to improve the personal safety and to increase the confidence of a client when they are traversing without a foot or prosthetic. When getting in and out of the shower, cooking dinner in your kitchen or simply brushing your teeth, the KRUTCH is essential. It excels beyond other mobility systems and seems to outperform both wheelchair and standard crutch devices.

Krutch Device

There are approximately one million limb amputations annually across the globe, about one every 30 seconds. Of those amputations, 185,000 occur in the United States with below knee as the most common. Our mission is to help these people by building the most durable and adaptable knee KRUTCH system for amputees and lower extremity injuries alike. With each sale of a KRUTCH, we utilize a pay-it-forward mentality to distribute KRUTCHes to people who need it the most. We use donations for those who can't afford or do not have access to proper medical care.

KRUTCH Reduces Dependence on Prosthetics and Wheelchairs

Have you experienced amputation below the knee? Or a debilitating lower extremity injury? The KRUTCH is an incredible human adaptive device. Built by an amputee and refined by engineers for amputees, it is the first device one reaches for every morning to help with personal mobility. With the KRUTCH, you are able to move instantaneously whether in your home or remote setting.

Using Krutch near water

The KRUTCH eliminates a dependence on prosthetic devices or alternative mobility systems. When you remove your prosthetic, the KRUTCH allows you to navigate within any terrain because it naturally replaces your foot. When you develop a pressure blister or experience an ingrown hair, your skin needs time to breathe and repair. Having this additional, compact mobility device is an important tool in the daily life of a below knee amputee.

In response to a continuously growing amputee population, we are planning to provide our mobility tool across the globe. You can help by visiting our website to make a donation or purchasing a KRUTCH for yourself or an amputee that you know.

Are you in Texas? We can't wait to meet you in person in booth #828 at Abilities Expo Houston on August 5-7 at NRG Center.

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