The Ki is "Better by Design"

Ki—pronounced "key"—draws its meaning form ancient Greece. It means "to set in motion," which is exactly what sponsor Ki Mobility does for every one of its clients.

Ki Mobility Lightweight Wheelchair - Little Wave

Crafted from aluminum or titanium, these lightweight wheelchairs are one of a kind. That is not just to say that they are different from other wheelchair vendors. Each individual chair is unique, specifically customized to maximize their user's abilities and ambitions. And since no two of us are alike, no two Ki Mobility wheelchairs are exactly alike, leaving you with about a bajillion different combinations of options.

Kai Catalyst Aluminum Wheelchair

They offer a wide range of chair styles to accommodate their customers regardless of how they want to roll. The innovation design of the Catalyst line "breathed new life back into the folding wheelchair market." Similarly, the Rogue and Tsunami have set the bar for rigid wheelchairs.

Ki Bobility

Something for everybody, the Focus reaches out to those requiring a tilt-in-space capability and the Little Wave and Spark are perfect for pint-sized users.

The company's tagline, "Better By Design," says it all. Their success in bringing a high level of personalized service and best-in-class wheelchairs to people with disabilities didn't just happen. They designed it that way.

More on Ki Mobility products, videos and…(wait for it)special offers to the tune of 25% off!

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