NBA Star Develops Device to Help with Chronic Pain

After only 7 years in the NBA, Jonathan Bender's promising basketball career was sidelined by excruciating knee pain. Once the youngest player in the league, sports aficionados everywhere expected great things from the young man that broke Michael Jordan's scoring record in the McDonalds All American game. And, as it turned out, they were right.

Jonathan Bender at Abilities Expo

When it became apparent that lengthy stay in professional basketball was not in the cards, this athlete shifted his focus to helping others. Jonathan created the JB Intensive Trainer to help others overcome chronic joint pain and increase mobility as he has. His invention and techniques were so successful, in fact, that he was able to make a brief comeback to the NBA after a 4-year respite.

You can meet Jonathan and his good friend, 49ers Defensive End Arik Armstead, at Abilities Expo Bay Area, November 18-20, 2016.

Combatting Joint Pain and Mobility Issues with the JBIT Med Pro

"The product is completely counterintuitive," commented Eric Nauman, Dir. of Purdue University's Human Injury Research and Regenerative Technologies Lab. "At first examination, it would appear to put force across the knees, but because of the way its engineered, it actually takes pressure off the knees by evening out the load and making the legs work the way they're supposed to work."

v_medpro_testimonials from Jonathan Bender on Vimeo.

The JB Intensive Trainer, or JBIT Med Pro, has afforded users a host of health benefits, including:
• Relief from shoulder, knee, hip, joint, back and sciatica pain
• Strengthened core and upper and lower extremity muscles
• Muscle tone that people were previously unable to achieve
• Improve posture and balance
• Weight loss
• Increased mobility

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