IndeeLift Offers STEEP discounts to Abilities Expo Family

Indeelift LogoNon-injury falls and floor-to-chair transfers are no problem with the popular IndeeLift People Picker Upper. They have been helping people all over the world safely get up off the ground and back to their day. And now IndeeLift has a new mission…to make this ingenious device as affordable and accessible as possible.

Abilities Special:

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IndeeLift People Picker Upper: Floor to Seat Height

Perfect for home use or in care center environments, the IndeeLift PPU can raise a person up to 400 pounds from the ground to seat height, and can be operated solo or with caregiver assistance.

If you have fallen and are not seriously hurt, but can't get up without assistance, why depend on 911? The IndeeLift offers the independence and convenience you need (and deserve)! This is also ideal to help wheelchair users transfer back to the chair after a workout, playing with the kids or some other floor activity.

With promo code AbilitiesPPU, the price plummets to $645+shipping!


IndeeLift People Picker Upper: Floor to Standing Height

With its floor-to-stand capability, the IndeeLift PPU-S is another go-to solution for fall recovery and effortless transfers, whether you are home alone or have a helping hand nearby. Anyone with mobility issues can rely on this portable patient lifting device to increase their independence now and for years to come.

Users love the standing lift function to allow access to a high bed, an overhead cabinet and more. In addition, caregivers often injure themselves in their struggle to raise their loved ones from the floor. Especially with its weight capacity of 400 pounds, the IndeeLift PPU-S offers safety and peace of mind for all parties.

Watch the cost nose-dive to $795+shipping with promo code AbilitiesPPUS!

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