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With patient care and safety topping their priorities, Hill-Rom-Liko prides itself on the fact that caregivers worldwide look to them for solutions. In their quest to enhance their exceptional products and expand their ability to provide patient support systems, they have acquired several strong performers in the industry. Six years ago, after Hill-Rom acquired Liko, they became a world-leading provider of patient lift systems. Then in 2012, the company acquired Germany-based Volker group, a cabinet-making company turned manufacturer of long-term and acute care bed frames, surfaces and furniture.


Patient Lifts/Slings
The Liko M220 and M230 Mobile Lifts—the perfect combination of quality, durability and ease of use—are perfect for safely getting loved ones from point A to point B at home. The Liko M230 model is fully electric, including the base-width adjustment, while the Liko M220 model has a manual base.

Safely get loved ones from point A to B with the Lik M220

There are also a slew of slings and accessories to accommodate patients who are elderly, bariatric, pediatric and amputees with a comfortable lifting experience.

Long-Term Care Beds
Form and function live happily ever after in the Volker 3082 Bed. The renowned German engineering comes in classic residential styling so that a long-term care bed that offers of even more than the bells and whistles of a hospital bed doesn't look remotely like it belongs in a hospital.

  • The personification of dignified care, these beds also offer such innovative features as:
  • Side rail design that allow rails to be hidden when not in use
  • Casters that are hidden in bed post legs until activated to ensure stability while enhancing appearance
  • An innovative lying surface can help enhance comfort
  • Head and leg sections that can easily be adjusted with the push of a button to turn a bed into a chair

Liko Accessible

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