Sponsor Showcase: Ford Mobility Motoring Goes the Extra Mile

It's one thing to sell new cars, vans, SUVs, trucks and so on. There's plenty of that going on. It's another thing all together to have developed a detailed step-by-step program—through assessment, vehicle purchasing, installation of adaptive equipment, generous reimbursement—to get a person with disabilities behind the wheel.

Ford Mobility Motoring recognizes that the process can be overwhelming and offers its Road to Mobility Checklist to ensure that you are covered at every twist and turn.

Interested in Adaptive Vehicles? First, Get Ready to Drive!

Of course you are revving to go, right? But before you heed the call of the open road, it's due diligence time. Ford provides a handy list of Driver Assessment Centers where you can have your individual accessibility needs evaluated. You'll find out which adaptive equipment is best suited for you and get a chance to test your skill using their technology recommendations. The device "prescription" that you walk away with will help you determine the best vehicle to buy.

Ford Mobility

Besides this, it's important to know your state's specific accessibility driving laws before you even think about getting behind the wheel. Also, Ford recommends that, once you are the proud owner of a shiny new adapted vehicle, you go back to the Drivers Assessment Center for more instruction on how to safely drive it.

Discuss ALL the Options from Vehicle Choices to Qualified Vehicle Modifiers

Patience, you are getting there and your Ford dealer is ready help! But to do it all right and qualify for the reimbursement, you still need to stick to the plan.

Ford Mobility Chart

Combine your "prescription" with your personal and family needs, and you can start picking which new car smell you want to be yours. Will it be the Transit Connect? That is the most popular vehicle in the Ford Mobility Motoring program.

Ford Mobility

According to Faye Shanor, project manager for Ford Mobility Motoring Reimbursement, "Transit Connect Wagon is a great vehicle for our program's customers, and this is reflected in the sales momentum. The spacious interior, capability, efficiency and affordability make it a no-brainer."

Or will it be the Fusion, the Edge or an F-Series truck? So much to choose from…and not just the type of car! Ford will also provide you with options for your Adaptive Equipment Dealer and your QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifiers) so that you can decide which vendors will best meet your needs.

Buy Your Car and Install Adaptive Equipment

At last! Whether or not you take advantage of the Ford Credit available, you are now the proud owner of a new car. Congrats! Now it's time to really make it yours and put the pick-up, modification and adaptive equipment installation plan in action according to your "prescription" and personal desires. Don't forget to keep your receipts!

Ford Mobility

  Now They Pay You!

If you have been following the Road to Mobility Checklist, reimbursement of up to $1,000 is a piece of cake. Just give your Ford dealer the receipts so they can submit your claim and you'll have your check in two to four weeks. You could put it toward your car payment, or get those high-end driving gloves and fuzzy dice that you've been eyeing.

Ford Mobility

The bottom line is that what could have been a daunting undertaking was not. Ford's commitment to help at every turn—by streamlining the process and providing resources—will pave your way to the open road.

For more information on the Ford Mobility Motoring, visit www.fordmobilitymotoring.com.

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