Extreme Accessibility

Brace yourself for this startling series of jaw-dropping Accessible Don'ts. Quick tip: They will be much funnier if you can ignore the larger implications that real people actually planned and executed these travesties of accessibility.

We Don't Recommend the Scenic Route

Not Accessible From Spoon & Tamago.

Oh, so many questions. For example…why? Wouldn't it have made more sense for the bridge to just be straight? And let's pretend they nixed that crazy little detour for a more direct route. Are we actually calling that new path safe?? Final note: I really want to see the Japanese wheelchair that can successfully corner this track.

That Last Step is a Doozy

Not Accessible From IndependenceFirst @ Pinterest.com

C'mon, there's a ramp. What could go wrong?

So Close and Yet…

Not Accessible From Ingur.com.

What architectural genius came up with this one? Good thing for my trusty laterally compressing wheelchair.

I Double Dog Dare You

Not Accessible From Alp Sirman @ Pinterest.com.

While I can understand the confusion, no, this is not supposed to be a ride at Six Flags. But, apparently, precipitous descents are not extreme enough. No, any wheelchair user surviving this plunge receives the added bonus of being clotheslined by a handrail at the bottom.

Somebody, Tell Me this is Photoshopped!

Not Accessible From IndependenceFirst @ Pinterest.com

So, the sign is calling for caution because there are steep inclines that could cause wheelchair users to plummet into the mouths of hungry crocodiles? Seriously?

How is this Even Fair?

Not Accessible From Failblog.org

Perfect for the new jet pack-equipped wheelchairs!

Why Don't People Think?

Not Accessible From Izismile.com

At some point, someone looked at these ramps and said, "Way too easy. I know what this needs. Planters!"

Fail, Just Fail!

Not Accessible From Funnysigns.net

Yet another exciting scenario for the wheelchair jet-pack.

Remind Me, Which Part is Accessible? Oh, Right, the Sign.

Not AccessibleFrom epicfail.com

Clearly this city has a drastically different definition for accessibility.

Props for Trying

Not Accessible Photo by Bonnie Lewkowicz

After the rest of these miserable excuses for access, can we muster an A for effort in making this beach wheelchair friendly?

Now that you've enjoyed this waltz off accessibility cliff, tell us…which one make you shake your head the most?

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