AbilitiesVE2 Excited to Feature ADAPTS, OMEO, Funny Parent Gifts & Ultimate Workout and Recovery

By Jolene Montgomery

Both Abilities Virtual Experience 2 (November 20-22, 2020) and the 2020 Holiday Season are rolling up soon, offering new ideas for gifts for people with disabilities! Here's a quick profile of products to make your loved ones' lives happier, safer, healthier and just more fun.

ADAPTS Portable Transfer Sling
Have you ever been on an airplane and had to wait to deplane until a wheelchair was brought on board to get you or your seatmate out of the seat and finally exit? Robin Wearley had, and it got her thinking, "What if this was an emergency? How do we deplane quickly if we need to?" A chopped-up Slip 'n Slide and several prototypes later, the ADAPTS Transfer Sling is now in use, both individually and with Sheriffs' Departments and Safety Officers all over the world.

Not currently traveling? The ADAPTS sling is great for home transfers, getting up on doctors' exam tables and as a safety device carried in your car. Suddenly find yourself facing stairs? It only takes 2 people to transfer someone from their wheelchair to another point of safety. This ingenious product is $149 plus shipping, comes complete with instructions and bright yellow carrying case.


OMEO personal transportation devices have a purpose: to change the accepted thinking behind mobility devices and provide greater levels of freedom for their users. Technically not allowed to be called a wheelchair, the OMEO looks like a bright green seated Segway that is moved by moving your body.

Omeo Personal Transportation

This innovative technology makes for an exciting, hands-free ride, both for indoors and out.  Manufactured in New Zealand, the OMEO is sold worldwide by local agents (listed geographically on their website), many of whom use the OMEO full time themselves.

The big difference that separates OMEO from other mobility devices is that balance-based movements are what drives this chair. The user is balanced on 2 wheels and propels his and herself with their own body movements, leaving hands free for other things. The OMEO can travel on uneven terrain, while the gyroscope technology means that the seat remains level, even through the bumps.

The OMEO is ordered through your local agent, who is also happy to set up a demo with you. The price tag is $19,950 USD + shipping & tax, making it a very impressive holiday gift.

Funny Parent Gifts

"The parenting journey is a jumble of moments filled with pure joy, absolute disaster, years flying by while the moments drag on and on, acts of heroism tempered by episodes of embarrassment and humility, mistakes, brilliance, unwavering confidence choked by mouthfuls of humble pie and above all, love."

Funny Parent Gifts
This statement on Kellena Dunckley's Funny Parent Gifts' website not only describes the parenting journey perfectly, but also the disability journey.

Although Funny Parent Gifts has many wonderful holiday gifts for parents of both human and animal babies, Kellena has also designed wheelchair and walker bags with great sayings, for a gift that is both humorous and handy.

Funny Parent Gifts

Ultimate Workout and Recovery Adaptive Family Home Gym

Have you heard the joke that, since everyone is gaining weight, extra pounds are no longer referred to as the "Freshman 15" but the "COVID 15?" Working from home naturally leads to bigger and more frequent meals and less exercise. But what can we do to get the weight off while staying safe at home from nasty weather and COVID this winter?

Ultimate Workout and Recovery Adaptive Family Home Gym

Without getting out of your TV chair, you can work off the 15—or more—pounds you have collected since March. Ultimate Workout and Recovery (UWAR) has a multi-prong approach to healthy conditioning that you can do fast and anywhere. Lightweight and compact, the Ultimate Workout and Recovery System is the brainchild of the In Bed and Chair Recovery Foundation. UWAR's focus has always been on stretching, strengthening and returning critical function to people with disabilities, but can be used by people at most ability levels. Once called "Stuck in Bed Fitness," the versatile system can be set up over a bed, chair or wheelchair with equal ease.

Their many testimonials tell the story, "Finally, a product has been developed to help people who use wheelchairs or beds get healthy and strong with ease—and as a family! The Ultimate Workout and Recovery system is life-changing and a must-have tool for anyone who wants to safely strength train in dozens of fun ways but may have limitations."

"Highly recommended! Great investment for ALL moms and caregivers who want to use it with loved ones-especially with gyms and facilities being closed due to germ issues!"

Ultimate Workout and Recovery Adaptive Family Home Gym

The Unique System which is the ULTIMATE Christmas gift of empowerment especially over the long winter months, can be shipped to you as a one-stop-shop wellness solution for the entire, family and goes for between $1400 and $2,000 Discounts available now until November 25th!


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