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When you have a loved one who lives alone, whether it's a parent who has decided to age independently or a child with disabilities, their safety is always in the back of your mind. You ask yourself, "It's 9:00 am. Mom should be up. Her arthritis always acts up more in the mornings…I hope she didn't have any problem with the stairs." Or perhaps it's more like, "The bus from the Center should have dropped my son off at home by now. I hope he's ok."

You simply can't call your loved one every five minutes when the question of their safety flits across your psyche. Wouldn't you love to have the peace of mind that they are safe and sound?

By unobtrusively monitoring small appliances and sending you notifications when they are activated and deactivated, Evermind is that peace of mind.

How Evermind Works
Appliances like lights, coffee makers, televisions and more are plugged into sensors which are in turn plugged into the wall. When Grandpa makes his coffee in the morning, the sensor detects when the coffee-maker is switched on and relays the information to the Evermind network. Then, you receive a text message notifying you that the appliance is in use. Cue sigh of relief as you smile with the knowledge that all is as it should be.

Evermind includes three sensors which give you the ability to monitor up to three appliances. The connection to the Evermind network is established through built-in wireless Internet. No need to get your not-so-tech-savvy loved one a home Internet connection!

Evermind = Peace of Mind
"Evermind creates a connection to the rhythms of another's daily life, giving assurance that they are safe and sound, whether they live next door or a thousand miles away," said Dr. Dave Gilbert, Evermind's founder and CEO. "These routines, like making coffee in the morning or watching a favorite television show before bedtime, serve as a way for loved ones to check-in and signal that everything is okay even when it is not possible to call or drop by."

Evermind Product

Dr. Gilbert is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur who developed Evermind for his 96-year-old grandmother to be able to stay in her own home. Today, it is being used by families across America, who have a variety of needs and challenges.

For example, when Toni received a heads-up about her 18-year old daughter with autism and ADHD, she knew to take action. "Evermind let me know my daughter had been watching TV in the middle of the night," she said. "Turns out she was taking her Ritalin too late in the day and it was keeping her up."

Evermind Product

Evermind doesn't replace human interaction; rather, it serves as a simple check-in system and leaves the all-important independence of your loved ones intact.

"Mom and Dad feel more secure now that this system is in place," said Vona, whose father is a retired veteran with PTSD, "They know that if there is a problem, I'm going to be calling."


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