EP Magazine: A Trusted Resource for Families with Disabilities Celebrates 50 Years

By Faye Simon, EP Magazine

EP Magazine will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021! We invite families touched by special needs to celebrate with us. Get "EP For Free" as well the monthly newsletter to read all the helpful articles and resources. Just go to www.epmagazine.com and sign up.

We want to thank all the organizations who've supported our beloved community, including the
caregivers, disability groups, advocates, authors, schools, supporters and valued advertisers that keep this important publication going.

EP Magaizine: Employment and Transition

EP Magazine covers the issue that matter to you

Each month, EP Magazine addresses topics that are vital to the quality of life of members of the special needs community—including themes like healthcare, financial planning, Autism awareness, education, diet & nutrition, employment & transition, mobility and more.

Parents rely on publications actionable info

EP Magazine contains practical and trusted content and information that provide a lifeline to
families who face day-to-day challenges caring for a loved-one with special needs. EP covers
everything…from how to choose a camp for kids with special needs…to resources for families
in the Military…to selecting mobility products, in-depth healthcare articles, technical
innovations and more.

In addition, EP readers gain unique perspectives—for example: Did you know that medical students don't receive sufficient educational courses and training on special needs? Did you know that parents of children with special needs consider trustworthy information on disability products and services, as valuable as the articles in the magazine?

In touch with disability organizations

EP has formed close ties with dozens of special needs organizations through the years. This has enabled us to develop and then disseminate our information to a finely-tuned audience, as needed. In addition to the monthly EP Magazine are: a great website, the ever-popular EP e-newsletters and social media.

EP Magazine: Schools and Camps

Disability resource guide set for January 2021 release

EP will be publishing its EP GUIDE (Navigating Disability Resources) for release in January 2021.
This go-to annual edition for the special needs community is developed with the expert guidance
of a distinguished Editorial Advisory Board and influencers in the special needs community.

Editor in Chief Rick Rader, MD is recognized as one of the most influential voices for disability
rights in the country today and has been appointed to the National Council on Disability.

Serving the community for half a century

EP Magazine—also called Exceptional Parent Magazine—was first published in 1971 by a dedicated group of professionals and educators led by Maxwell J. Schleifer, PhD. Through its 50-year history, EP Magazine has chronicled the challenges and triumphs of the special needs community, providing unequalled coverage for families and professionals involved in the care and development of people with disabilities and special healthcare needs.

Endorsed by the American Academy of Developmental Medicine & Dentistry (AADMD), EP Magazine counts several of AAMD's past presidents on its Editorial Advisory Board. EP Magazine has also featured an incredible roster of contributors and columnists—leaders in various fields of expertise, who bring their invaluable experience to EP Magazine's readership, with depth, empathy, personality and humor.

EP Magazine has covered the legislative landscape throughout the decades, including the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and significant court cases such as Olmstead v. L.C., and continues to track all manner of advocacy initiatives for its audience.

EP Guide

Since taking over as Publisher in 2016, Len Harac has broadened the reach of the publication, establishing a renewed print and digital edition of the monthly magazine, an enhanced web presence integrated with social media, and robust partnerships with local and national advertisers.

EP Magazine (Exceptional Parent) continues its legacy of excellence in reporting, advocating and
providing practical information for people with special needs, their loved ones and caregivers.

About the Magazine:

EP Magazine is an award-winning publishing and communications magazine providing information for families and professionals involved in the care and development of people with disabilities and special healthcare needs from pre-natal to seniors. Please join us in celebrating 50 years of this exceptional publication. Learn more about EP Magazine at: www.epmagazine.com.

We proudly offer the digital version of EP Magazine for free to all readers who can benefit from
the content. Please click here to add your email to the thousands of readers who
enjoy EP Magazine each month.

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